Five Types of Bathtubs for Your Home

Purchasing or replacing a bathtub is a major decision you make during house design or remodeling. There are several bathtubs available in the market today. They vary in terms of size, weight, and cost. However, it is the material used that determines these key properties.

Below is an overview of five tub types that are common among Houston tub installations services providers.

Americast Tubs

Americast is a substitute to the normal cast iron. It is used to make three tub models bearing college names: Cambridge, Princeton, and Stratford. Cambridge is a standard five-foot model. Princeton comes with several luxury features. The Stratford tub is a luxurious whirlpool model which costs over $1,000. They can be customized to meet your specific needs and preferences.

Cast Iron Tubs

Just like the Americast tubs, these are very expensive and heavy. They are also the most durable and are almost completely resistant to chemicals, scratches, and dents. You can either buy the traditional standalone model or have it built into your bathroom wall. The standalone models come with a glossy porcelain finish and metal claw feet.

The key advantage of the tub is a lifetime guarantee offered by the manufacturer. However, customization is limited and you cannot add whirlpool jets and other extra features. Furthermore, you will need the services of Houston tub installation professionals to install this tub.

Fiberglass Tubs

It is a cost-effective choice compared to the preceding two. Polyester resin is sprayed into the tub frame and left to dry. Interwoven glass strings and fiberglass are heated and spread on top of the polyester resin. The resulting tub is durable with a scratch-resistant coating. The tubs are among the lightest in the market. The only issue with fiberglass tubs is that their color fades over time.

Acrylic Tubs

The tubs are made by spreading a molten acrylic over the tub frame and tightly vacuumed. The process is finalized by reinforcing it with resin and fiberglass. As a result, they cost a little more than fiberglass tubs. They are durable, scratch resistant and easy to clean.

Porcelain Steel Tubs

PoS bathtubs are the most common tubs. They are the cheapest, and the easiest to install. As a result, you won’t need to hire any tub installations expert. They are made of porcelain coated solid steel. The porcelain makes them impervious to abrasions that may result from thorough scrubbing. However, they have a very short lifespan. You will have to replace them almost every decade.

In summary,

When it comes to bathtubs, there is something for everyone, even if you prefer DIY installations. You can opt for new homeowners’ favorite, Porcelain on steel bathtubs. If you are planning for a luxurious look, the college named tubs and cast iron options are your best choices.