Five Tips to Keep Your Wood Flooring Clean In Christmas Festival

If you are one of those who love wood above all things, and we ensure that our wooden floors and furniture are in excellent condition, then this article on how to care for them during the Christmas festival  will be very useful.

Christmas is celebrated on 25 December every year! A world wide holiday is declared on this day, on the birth of Jesus Christ. It’s like a festival people decorate their homes, Christmas tree, lights, pomps, hang stars with great rejoice.

With just a little regular maintenance, the wooden floor Santa Ana of your home can last a long time without the need to be sanded, waxed, or even without having to apply a new coat of varnish.

1) Vacuum the floor every week. You are likely to do this activity, but not regularly, so it is worth insisting on doing it weekly. The reason: the sand and small stones that remain in the sole of your shoes act on the wood as sandpaper and little by little they deteriorate the finish of your floor. So a good vacuum protects the finish and maintains its appearance.

2) Lacquers and furniture cleaners can damage your floor. Be careful with the cleaners you use for your furniture, as these can stain the finish of your floor. If any of these products falls a bit on your floor, we recommend you clean it immediately with a damp cloth. For a deeper cleaning, spray with window cleaner without ammonia.

3) Keep the rain out of your home. Not only can water ruin the finish of a wood floor, it can also penetrate deeply into the wood and stain it. During the rainy or winter season keep the windows closed, this guarantees that no water will fall on your floor. When you are going to water your plants, it is recommended to place a tray or vessel underneath; this will prevent it from reaching your floor.

4) Remove dirt with a wood floor cleaner. Use a cleaner specially formulated for floor and decor santa ana ca; it is very important that the product you are going to use does not contain wax. It is also recommended to have it always at hand, as an accident on your floor can occur at any time.

5) know the rules about the use of waxes and restorer for floor and decor santa ana.  But never use wax in another finished type, such as lacquer, varnish or polyurethane. Not only does it make it too slippery, it also interferes with later finishes. If the finish is polyurethane, use a polish made of polyurethane. If it is another type of surface finish, get a general purpose floor restorer. Remember that you should always test the restorer in a hidden area to make sure it does not come off.