Fencing options for your home

Why put up fences? Is it for safety and privacy? Is it for aesthetic appeal? Is it separation from nosy neighbours or busy traffic? Or is it to simply bump up the value of your home? Why not all of the above? A fence can give you solitude that suits your needs and style. But let’s not forget the pesky neighbourhood restrictions. We wouldn’t want to be at logger-heads with our home-owners’ association, would we?

The reasons for a fence will direct the planning process and the fence of your choice. It is thus crucial that you consider your reasons thoroughly before getting started. Since no one likes a rude shock, here are a few fencing options:

Aluminium fencing

If you prefer a modern architectural touch, aluminium fencing would definitely suit your taste.


Aluminium fencing requires very little maintenance. You will not need to repaint or re-stain an aluminium fence because it is covered with a powder paint coating that fuses the paint to the metal surface, making it last for decades without wearing out. It can also be adjusted to fit your landscape, whether sloping or flat.

Aluminium fencing comes in a host of different colours and textures like silver, satin black and gloss white, just to mention a few. When it comes to affordability, aluminium fencing is very affordable, especially when compared with wrought iron and steel fencing options. Aluminium fencing is also quite durable. Whether attacked by rain, snow, ice or termites, it will stand strong.


On the flipside, aluminium fencing wouldn’t be the best choice when it comes to privacy. Blocking your neighbour’s glaring eyes and itchy ears would prove to be onerous. Another drawback is that although aluminium fencing is cheaper than steel and wrought iron, it is more expensive than wood.

Vinyl Fencing

With vinyl fencing, you’re sure to find a design that complements the surrounding area as well as the desires for the fence’s aesthetics. It is available in a myriad of styles, from privacy and picket fences to post-and-rail and ornamental fences


Gone are the days of repairing splits, spraying for termites or touching up paint. When it comes to vinyl fencing, a simple hose down will do for maintenance. You won’t need to worry about rust, unlike metal fencing options such as steel, wrought iron, or aluminium.

The durability of vinyl fencing also extends to its appearance. It won’t crack, chip or peel. Also, do you live in areas with strong gusts of wind, high heat, freezing temperatures, or frequent rainstorms? Vinyl fencing will stand strong since it is much less likely to collapse. In fact, it is about five times stronger than wood.

With vinyl fencing, you’ll have a host of style choices, whether it is to express your personality, reflect the style of your house, or match your neighbour’s fencing design.


Vinyl fencing is a pricier alternative to wood fencing in terms of its upfront costs. However, it is cheaper to maintain in the long-run It is also complicated to fix in case of damages and would typically require a professional for repairs.

Glass fencing

The visual effects of adding glass fencing in your home are dramatic. Upgrading the look and feel of your home is definitely an exciting process, and with the modern and sleek edges that make glass fencing easy on the eyes, you will not be disappointed.

Glass fencing would be more suitable when enclosing your pool area, outdoor balcony or balconette. With glass fencing, you have two options: a semi-frameless or frameless fence, with the former having a minimised frame that partially covers the window and the latter having no frame at all. There have been cases where people have walked into glass fences and injured themselves. Make the fence more visible by strategically placing safety stickers on the glass.


Glass fencing offers an unobstructed view of the pool area, and this would make it easier to supervise your children. The versatility of glass fencing means that it comes in different shapes, sizes and colours. For those worried about having a small pool or balcony, glass fencing gives an illusion of space, widening the area without cluttering your space


Glass fencing is quite heavy on the pockets and would require a significant initial investment. Due to the risks and complexities involved with glass, the installation requires professional technicians.

Adults have done it, so there’s a very real danger that distracted kids and skittish pets could literally walk through the glass. Use safety glass to mitigate any potential damage, and include clear demarcations of where the fence is. Also, cleaning might turn out to be a daunting task since you’ll have to take care of both sides!