Fast Ways to Build Home Equity

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Would you like to significantly increase your home’s value in a relatively short amount of time? The following tips can help you make important changes without spending a lot of time and money on home repairs.

Get into Gardening

Investing several hundred dollars in your front yard and garden can yield returns of up to four times your investment. DIY gardening projects you can handle without professional help include planting flowers and bushes outside your front door, adding a stone garden path to your backyard, putting in a simple water feature or installing new garden lighting. Other projects such as putting in a new outdoor deck, porch or storage shed may require some professional assistance.

Pay Attention to the Kitchen

There are plenty of simple kitchen renovations that can boost your home’s overall value. These include purchasing new appliances with a modern look and feel, repainting the kitchen walls and cupboards and putting in new countertops and a stylish backsplash. New kitchen lighting is another great improvement as a kitchen with a bright, airy feel is sure to attract potential home buyers.

Increase Energy Efficiency

Increasing energy efficiency levels in your home may take an initial investment of cash but it’s well worth it. You’ll not only save money on utility bills but also add significant value to your home. Some recommended improvements to increase energy efficiency in your home include sealing ducts, putting in an energy efficient water heater and HVAC system, installing a programmable thermostat and putting in energy-efficient doors and windows. If you want to make some of these improvements but are short on cash, ask an HVAC company about the possibility of obtaining financing. Most companies offer it to enable homeowners to upgrade old equipment with relative ease.

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