Facility of a Luxury House

We all possess the same dream of having a luxury house. A luxury house is not only the symbol of status, it also about the comfort living place that we all want. You own house is always closest to your hart, if that house would be a luxury house then the satisfaction of living dreams is included as a pleasure. LuxuryAbode offers you to find your dream house in anywhere in the World. They have a lot of collection of exclusive luxury houses, which can blow your mind. There are some important facts that you should know before buying your luxury property.

Space of the house

Space is the first priority in a luxury home. Any kind of luxury house at least has 3BHK with attach bathroom in every room. The hall room must be large, with an advanced facility of the kitchen should be there.  Another important thing is that the height of the ceiling from the floor should be more than 12 feet. This height is actually full fill the “luxury” tag. In LuxuryAbode you can watch every detail of a luxury house.


If the location of your luxury property is not good then invest on a beautiful house is become worthless. First, you must sure the communication across the town is excellent from your house. The Hospital, Medical shop, School, Market should nearby to you. At least one of them would place in walking distance. You definitely want a house from where the outside view is great. Searching your favorite view may take some time.

Security System

 A luxury house must install an advanced level security system. We all know how much security is necessary for our safety. The whole compound of your luxury property should be cover by 24 hours surveillance cameras and you can watch every movement from anywhere. Careful about the door alarms and other facility must install in your house.

Price:- It is quite obvious that a luxury house more expensive than a normal house. The price depends on different issues, most importantly where the plot placed. The location is play the main role of price for any houses. Price also depends on the quality of materials, furniture, decorations and many more.

LuxuryAbode provides some awesome luxury houses. Such as

  • City Park Quarters:
  1. Location:- Germany
  2. Size:- 33 sq.m to 123 sq.m
  3. Type:- Apartment (3BHK)
  4. Price: 110000 Euros
  • The Mile
  1. Location:- Germany
  2. Size:- 68 sq.m to 156 sq.m
  3. Type:- Apartment (3BHK, 4BHK)
  4. Price: 339500 Euros