Essential Guide to Basic Lawn Care

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A healthy lawn is a beautiful lawn that provides plenty of pleasure for the owner. Certainly, nursery Eau Claire WI believes in good basic lawn care and maintenance. This is the key to a thriving lawn that looks good through several seasons. If the idea of a beautiful green lawn is essential to you, it’s time to start thinking about basic lawn care and proper maintenance of your lawn. Start early in the Spring. Of course, this all depends on the part of the country you reside. Here are a few tips.

Get Ready For Action

The first step is to get ready for action or call in the lawn care specialist. First, take a look at your lawn mower. Is it ready to go into action? Sharpen those mower blades now. Dull blades do not cut the grass properly and ruin the total look of the lawn. Sharpen the blades every several weeks, during the grass growing season. Check out the rest of your lawn mower to make sure that it is in perfect working condition. 

Lawn Cleaning

The winter season is at an end, and the winter probably left a few memories on your lawn. Time to get out your essential lawn gear and clean up those twigs, leaves, weeds, and other debris that are taking up important space on your lawn. Get your rake, shovels, or other yard gear and get to work. A healthy lawn depends on proper cleaning during the spring. Did you know that all that debris left on the lawn during the winter might lead to disease and other problems keeping the lawn green? Get to work now to prepare for a beautiful lawn.

Uneven Ground

Over the winter, you probably discovered that the ground is very uneven. Furthermore, the soil is compacted in some areas. Some areas appear higher, while other areas seem to sink further down. Get your shovel and take your time leveling off the area to create a better growing condition for your lawn. Leveling off allows proper aeration, watering, and growth.

Spring Fertilization

Spring is in the air and you have your mind set on a beautiful green lawn that is the envy of the neighborhood. Spring and fall are the proper times to fertilize the lawn. However, fertilization also depends heavily on the part of the country that you live. Those that live in the northern areas should fertilize during the fall months. Those that live in the southern areas or other parts, fertilize in the spring. Now, is a good time to aerate the lawn too. Of course, it is never too soon to treat the lawn for crabgrass or weed invasion. 

In conclusion, take the time to purchase the right kind of seed for your lawn. Determine the type of lawn seed that would work the best for your lawn in your part of the country. It’s also important to know the amount of seed required to cover your entire lawn. Remember to water and fertilize regularly, once growth starts, for a beautiful lawn to enjoy all season long.