Does Canvas Art Make A Good Gift?

People all across the world are buying canvas wall art for many reasons. Buying bespoke canvas prints for others shows your recipient that you have really made an effort when choosing a gift, and by choosing your image carefully, you can provide them with an artistic piece that they can cherish forever. More and more canvas prints are being ordered online, with buyers either sending their required images digitally or dispatching original photographs via Special and Recorded Delivery to ensure they safely arrive at their destinations.

Bringing new life to old photos

Even if your photo is of a certain vintage and contains blemishes, there are steps you may be able to take to return it to its former glory. Photo restoration services can be used to remove marks, tears and spots from pictures, and effects can be added to your images to make them look extra special. Effects commonly chosen include sepia and black-and-white, which is ideal for some faded images. One common option is to have images of family members committed to canvas to make them look like true works of art that can hang from the wall just like they would be in an art gallery. Other ideas for personal photos can include images taken during special events such as holidays, weddings and other social gatherings.

A gift for all occasions

Canvas wall artworks are being given as gifts for birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, wedding anniversaries and much more. Some people choose to give canvas prints as housewarming gifts. If you don’t wish to use your own images, popular themes for canvas art include film posters, iconic paintings, album covers and stock photos. There are also many excellent off-the-shelf stock canvas art works that you can purchase, many of which have become hugely-popular.

Captivating detail via ink-jet printing

If you’re wondering how canvas art work has become so popular, read on. One of the reasons why the canvas art industry has become so successful over recent years is because high-resolution printing has become much more affordable. Special ink-jet printers called Giclée printers are capable of delivering stunning detail, even on larger surfaces. Once a canvas is printed on, it is stretched or ‘gallery-wrapped’ to a frame. It’s always wise to ensure the frame is of high-quality so your piece can last for several years. Pine is a popular option. You may have heard the term ‘frame-less’ being used in relation to canvas wall art. This actually means the pieces have no outer framing, not that they are entirely devoid of frames. A frame is actually found at the back of the piece to hold it together. It is a good idea to think carefully when choosing images for canvases as you or your loved one will be seeing them everyday once they are hung up on the wall.

A durable material

Canvas material is renowned for its robust nature. Though cotton is the stronger option, polyester is also impressive when it comes to durability. Cotton is also slightly better at absorbing color, which is why it tends to be the more costly option. However, this does not mean you cannot purchase a piece worth cherishing forever when you opt for polyester. There are many sizing options available when it comes to canvas printing. Some people opt for a vast piece to dominate their wall, whilst others opt to split their images into numerous for an interesting and distinctive artistic effect. Collages of similarly and differently-sized canvas prints are also popular, and are often referred to as ‘canvas wall displays’.

Romantic canvas art

Canvas art can make an incredibly romantic gift, especially when it chosen alongside items like flowers and chocolate. Many couples are choosing to display their favorite photos together on canvas. Meaningful quotes, messages and colors can be added to your wall art to add an extra sparkle of magic to your purchase. Photos of newborns are also committed to canvas on a regular basis and can be enjoyed for years to come. Canvas prints are also commonly added to areas like nurseries and schools, and many parents are adding their children’s first-ever paintings and drawings to canvas.