Do You Know How to Buy a Vacuum Cleaner?

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If you’ve been out of the vacuum cleaner market for a while, it may interest you to know that vacuum cleaners have changed quite a bit since your last purchase. Of course, the foundation of vacuum cleaning technology is still the suction mechanism, but there are two important factors that would make or break your next hoover:

  • Its suction strength, measured in wattage consumption: the higher the value the more powerful it will be, but also a lot noisier
  • How it stores the collected dust and dirt: does it do it in a way that is amenable to easy maintenance, and do you have to routinely buy new vacuum bags?

As things stand, you can select between 4 groups of vacuum cleaners:

  • Robotic

The latest entry to the market that will surely bring novelty to your home and offer you the pinnacle of convenience is the robot vacuum cleaner. They are autonomous and can even recharge themselves after finishing their work by docking in their recharging station. You can also set them up via apps on your smartphone like scheduling cleaning times and the area in which they operate. Then, all you would have to do is change their vacuum cleaner bags.

Unfortunately, most of them still can’t offer the sheer power of manual hoovers. But if you have them clean regularly so that dirt doesn’t accumulate, you may not find them wanting.

  • Handheld

An important addition to your main vacuum cleaner, the handheld vacuums are perfect for quick suction jobs in your kitchen or car. Just make sure you get a cordless one with a docking station as the whole point of such a hoover would be its mobility.

  • Upright

The most conventional type of vacuum cleaners that go all the way back to the inception of this line of home products is the upright vacuum. Their main feature is the ease with which you can clean with them without hurting your back. Moreover, they have a foot lever functionality that increases their maneuverability. They are a good fit for homes with thick carpets, but they are usually quite large, so you better have a dedicated space in your closet.

  • Canister

As the name implies, these hoovers have a compact chassis highly amenable for carrying them around. As a result, they are much easier to handle than the upright models. They usually come with long wands and various attachments, suitable for every type of suction job. Without a doubt, they are the most popular vacuum cleaners on the market.

Once you settle with the style and functionality, you should also consider the factor of additional cost.

Do you have to frequently buy new vacuum cleaner bags? Do they have reusable bags or even sponges that you can just wash up? If you don’t want to spend any further, the latter option is ideal.

And lastly, if you ever happen to need a replacement part or just vacuum cleaner bags, don’t forget that specialized stores, like Spares2You, have the best prices compared to general stores.