Dissecting Crime Scene Cleaning Services Beaverton Oregon: Understanding the Process and Reducing Risk

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When compared to a fire or water damage, property damage as a result of a violent crime, suicide or unattended death poses greater risk and complexity for the adjuster, and crime scene cleaning services. Most restoration companies claim to offer crime scene clean up, but only those that specialize in this specific field truly understand what it takes to completely get rid of the contaminations and bloodborne pathogens in an area. To reduce the risk for the insurance company and guarantee safety for the property owner, it is best to understand the challenges of crime scene cleaning services Beaverton Oregon as well as the process that every expert must adhere to.

Am I Liable for an Improper Biohazard Cleanup?

Many insurance carries must have had the shock of their life when they see a bioremediation claim. How could a crime scene cleanup of a small sized room cost more than a storm damage repair? In a bid to cut cost, some insurance companies may be considering hiring a reliable property damage restoration, but doing so may cost them a lot in terms of a lawsuit.

For instance, a situation where a property restoration company is hired to clean and treat a home that had more than 500 pounds of meat got rotten in the basement area of the home due to a power outage. Few days after the cleaning the homeowner reports that the odor from the rotten meat still lingers and that some family members had fallen ill. In the quest to find out the cause of the illness, the family called in an expert to investigate. The investigation later revealed that the bad odor from the rotten meat caused the illness and that the cleaning process wasn’t thorough enough. The policyholders in return filed a lawsuit against the insurance company for a new home.

This is exactly what will happen when you choose to go with a property cleaning company instead of a professional crime scene cleaning services. Expert crime scene cleaning services Beaverton Oregon use quality cleaning agents and products to get rid of bloodborne pathogens.

Why is Crime Scene Cleaning So Complex?

Many biohazard situations pose grave health risks to not only property owners and occupants but also cleanup experts as well due to the risk of exposure to harmful bacteria and bloodborne pathogens. Many people have contracted HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C just by coming in contact with the pathogens unknowingly. This is because these pathogens can survive in these areas for up to a month, depending on the surrounding temperature and environment.  

You are at risk of contamination if you come in direct contact with sharps, blood spills, bodily fluids and non-intact skin.  Considering the health risks involved in the process, crime scene cleaning services Beaverton Oregon must follow stringent employee safety regulations and meticulous decontamination procedures that property restoration companies don’t actually know.

To reduce the risk of contamination, be sure to contact professional crime scene cleaning services with trained technicians.