Displaying Books Effectively With Library Storage Solutions

If you work in a library, getting customers to see the vast array of reading material available is necessary. With the addition of new books and reference materials on a constant basis, display options will aid in the rotation of the selection available so guests see new prospects each time they visit the establishment. Here are some display options that will keep reading enthusiasts enthralled with book choices.

Consider Using Book Racks For Mobility

Circular book racks give customers an interesting display to browse. The racks can be turned so customers can remain in one position to view the contents available rather than needing to walk around the rack to see them. Book racks can be moved easily, allowing you to switch them to different locations within the library when desired. Several tiers can be used, maximizing the amount of space these handy mobile racks offer. Many libraries use circular racking systems to hold magazines or paperback books as they are lighter than hardcover books.

Match Cabinetry To The Library’s Decor

To make book displays pleasing to the eye, consider purchasing cabinetry that matches the themed decor within the entire building. Wood cabinets are hearty in both appearance and structure, giving books a protective area to rest while appealing to those who come into contact with them. Investing in professional-grade library cabinets allows for the design to be tweaked to match the floor layout where they will be placed. Each cabinet will provide a safe enclosed area for books, while improving the aesthetics of the library space in the process. A call to a reputable supplier is the first step in creating book cabinets that meet your building’s criteria..

Utilize Tops Of Cabinets And Use Stacking Options

The use of the top surfaces of library cabinets will save space within the building to utilize for other activities or furniture setups. Cabinets can be constructed in a way where shelf utilization is maximized within each piece with measurements to fit the space you have available. Tops can be used to display another row of books with appropriate plastic or cardboard racks. These can be moved around to arrange books in different ways, while maximizing the amount of space available for holding them. Alternately, using crates to hold books is another options. These can be stacked on top of lower cabinets, and removed or stored in another room to free up tops of cabinets for other uses.