Discover the best trending lighting styles for the kitchen

It goes without saying that kitchen is one of the most elemental and functional parts of the house. Designing the kitchen comes with a bunch of challenges, right from getting the style and theme right to creating corners for the right appliances. What probably needs equal if not more attention is lighting. Kitchen lighting needs to be effective enough for all hours of the day, especially because not every home gets a considerable amount of natural light. Where it’s possible, making use of natural light is necessary, but even then, the apt use of artificial lighting is required. In this post, we will discuss the types of kitchen lighting that you can consider for your home.

  • Pendant lighting

Also called suspension lights, pendant lights are designed to focus on a specific area, although some are designed to disperse the light all around the room. With brands like Le Studio Luminaires, selecting high-end kitchen pendant lights is easier than expected. The idea is to use such lights right over the kitchen island, as that’s the area where you will cook your food. Pendant lights also offer the benefit of experimenting with shapes, designs and styles. From something quirky to more lamp-shade like classic designs, there’s enough to pick from.

  • Track lighting

Track lights are installed in tracks in a series, usually covering all sides of the kitchen ceiling. A lot of homeowners are not fond of the big lights that kind of clutter the open space. While the call also depends on the theme, but track lighting is also something that homeowners can consider for their kitchens, especially big kitchens. This form of lighting also comes handy when you want to get spotlights on all the right areas, and installation doesn’t have to be complicated either.

  • Behind/under cabinet lighting

Having dark shadows in some parts and corners of the kitchen, especially underneath the cabinets, might not seem like a pleasing idea to everyone. That’s exactly where cabinet lighting comes in the picture. Basically, the lights are placed behind or just underneath the cabinet structure, so that all the dark corners get the right amount of light. If you are fond of mood lighting, this is something you can use for the same. Also, unlike big lights, the small lights used such form of illumination don’t always consume a lot of energy.

  • Recessed lighting

This is one of the classic ways of lighting a kitchen. There are varied styles of recessed lights available these days, and you just need to spend on the false-ceiling or structure that’s required to hold these lights. Recessed lighting is minimalistic at best and doesn’t require one to have huge ceiling height. What’s even better is the fact that you can used this kind of lighting for almost any kind of kitchen, and if used well, it will actually complement the interiors and ensure enough illumination in the entire kitchen.

Many homeowners often prefer and use a mix of ideas for their kitchen, and that does work effectively with matched with the theme and décor. If you are designing a new kitchen, check for the better brands that often bring the most unique and amazing trends to life. The idea is to buy lights after you have decided your lighting goals, so that there’s no unwanted spending.