Different kinds of tiles for different purposes


Now day’s tiles are made up of natural ceramic and porcelain and they are also considered as environmental-friendly. Tiles are long lasting floor products which can last life time. It can be used in different rooms for different purposes. A tile comes in different shapes and sizes and you can choose according to your style preference.

Different types of tiles and their uses nowadays

Ceramic tiles: – These types of tiles are used in kitchen only. Ceramic tiles are adaptive in nature. Designs offered by ceramic tiles are limitless. They come in a number of shapes and size variations and they are also used in countertops and shower stalls.

Porcelain tiles: – Nowadays, these types of tiles are very popular. They are used in moist places and they are highly stain resistance. They can be used for both indoor and outdoor purpose. These types of tiles are quite expensive and they have high finished quality.

Natural stone tile: – These are made up of natural materials like stones and other minerals. Different examples of natural tiles are slate, marble, limestone, and sandstone.

Different advantages of using tiles

  • Bathroom tiles are highly water- resistant, they have hard protective layer that makes them stain free. They help in absorbing moisture that’s why they are used in bathroom and laundry rooms.
  • Tiles are highly tough, they are very difficult to crack which makes them highly durable. Some of the tiles can last up to 100 years with regular maintenance.
  • Tiles are very easy to maintain. They can be easily cleaned by just a wipe. It can be easily cleaned by using vacuum and small brushes.
  • You can choose any color and shape of tile you want. Even you can cut them according to your choice also. Use of different colors can brighten up your living room.