What Is Diamond Drilling?

Diamond is the hardest substance on earth, and as such, drills fitted with diamond heads can cut through almost any material. Diamond core drilling London and otherwise is the most effective method of forming holes and openings in a range of hard building materials including reinforced concrete, brickwork and natural stone. It can be used to penetrate any thickness of wall, roads, pavements or floor.

The diamond drilling system is eco-friendly due to its dust-free and minimal noise output feature. With this method, different types of drill rigs enable drilling to be carried out in confined spaces, at angles, and at inverted positions.


Diamond drilling is also used to create holes for anchor bolts and for producing concrete core samples for analysis. This method is highly popular in the construction and industrial sectors.

Advantages of Diamond Drilling

Diamond drilling in London and beyond is also becoming increasingly popular due to its many advantages. Some of which include:


Diamond-fitted drills are lightweight, portable and highly mobile. As a result, drilling underwater and in confined spaces is possible and easier with drills fitted with diamond bits.

Remote controlled diamond drilling can also be generated, making it a highly convenient method of drilling.


Diamond drilling creates holes with precision and produces very little debris or dust. Due to its accuracy, the chances of accidentally damaging a structure are limited.

Cuts through Any Surface

What makes diamond drilling unique from other methods is its ability to cut through any material, no matter how hard or tough it is.

Diamond drilling can be used to cut through stone, rock, concrete and glass. Unlike other methods that litter construction sites with debris, diamond drilling reduces debris to a minimum.

Saves Time

Diamond drilling is a fast and time-saving technique. The drills can be used at high speeds regardless of the material being cut and in almost any work situation.

Damage Reduction

Due to the precision of this technique, materials being cut or penetrated do not get damaged. Unlike other drilling methods which can cause damage to materials being drilled e.g. chips and cracks, the diamond drilling method prevents this.

Minimal Noise Output

One of the things which also make this method well-loved is its low levels of noise. This makes diamond drilling preferred by different industry workers.

The high speed of diamond drilling means there is less resonance while drilling occurs, thus, reducing noise and preventing damage and distraction to workers and people in surrounding areas.

Saves Cost

Although diamonds are relatively expensive, diamond-fitted drills are cost effective due to their durability. Hence, it saves the cost of buying new drills from time to time.

Healthy Option

The diamond drilling technique is a healthy alternative to other methods of drilling. Since it does not produce dust, it is eco-friendly and reduces the chances of nasal related issues in industrial workers.

Credit: The Drilling Directory for the information that went into making this article.