Detrimental effects of piled up snow on your roof

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In the winter season, nothing is eye-catching than a snow-capped on rooftops. It is a perfect picturesque for greeting card, but in reality it is not as charming as it looks. We usually busy in salting the walkway and shoveling the snow off the driveway rather than concerning about rooftops during the winter. Although rooftops of our homes are the major parts which defend us in the unfavorable weather conditions; however, we do not much bother about its maintenance. It is quite imperative to eliminate the build-up of snow. Roofing company in Mississauga wants to share some of the negative effects of piled up snow on your roof.

  • Heavy burden can cause structural damage

We never think about the heaviness of the snow. Usually, most of the houses can handle up to 20 pounds per square foot of roof. Although slopes and inclines are developed on roofs to slide off the snow. In any case, if the old snow has not slid off and the snow starts piling on your roof, this can put huge stress on your roof that leads to probable collapse. Moreover roof replacement is quite costly, destructive and troublesome to deal with. If you get some warning signs like cracking, leaks, doors jamming, creaking, sagging, popping sounds, or cracks in your walls; contact the Roofing Company in Mississauga for assistance.

  • Water logging can cause leaks

If you live in cloudy areas, you usually do not face only snow in winters but also rain, sleet, ice and hail. The mixture of rain and sleet causes great risk to your home. This can lead to more burden on the roof top that can cause moisture damage, leakages and structure damage. If you are concerned you might have this trouble, just pay attention to ugly brown stains on your ceilings.

  • Snow build-up can be dangerous

Another thing that should you bother about is, snow falling or ice falling from the roof directly to your pathway can cause serious damages. Ice is a severe threat to you and your loved ones and can pose some destructive effects. Be careful, especially if this happens in the oft-traveled areas such as; your front footpath, exact under the front entrance, and your back courtyard.

  • Ice dams in your gutters can build

In winters, ice dams in your gutters may create that can cause serious damage to your home’s water removal system and gutters. The gutters can turn heavy that lead them to split or tear away from your roof, as the overflow trickles down into your home or under your shingles.