Design tips for hardwood flooring


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Many of the companies that offer the services of interior decoration Dubai recommend opting for hardwood flooring. You can find different types of hardwood flooring to improve the décor and add richness to any room. These flooring types come in a variety of wood species, widths, stains and finishes, therefore giving you a variety of choice to enhance your floors with. You no longer must settle for the same type of wooden flooring as that of your neighbours or friends. You can design the wooden flooring of your home as you please and go with either wide planks, bevelled edges, light or dark colours, etc.

In this article, we have a few tip and ideas from the professional interior decorators that can help you to select the perfect type of wooden flooring Dubai based on your interior décor, lifestyle, and visual preferences. Have a look.

Choose the flooring colour before you paint the walls

You have a limited choice on floor stain when compared to selecting the paint on the wall. Therefore, it is a smarter move if you prefer to select the wooden flooring type before painting the walls of your room. Secondly, you would paint the walls more often than you refinish the hardwood flooring. Consequently, you will have to select hardwood flooring that has longevity and matches all kinds of interiors.

If you are considering hardwood flooring for your kitchen, then ensure that the colour of the kitchen cabinets matches the floor. To avoid complications in floor colour, you can opt for the white colour of kitchen cabinets that goes with all types of hardwood flooring.

For other rooms, if you have chosen cool tones for the floor like browns, greys, blues, then you can choose reds, golds and other warm hues for the walls.

Make your floor the focal point

Lighting is the key to add depth and dimension to any room. Compliment a dark, rich hardwood floor with slight dissimilarity in graining, with light and soft hues on walls and the furnishings as well. Make your wooden flooring stand out by making use of hand scraped hardwood with a dark stain.

Make the room look clean and bright

You can brighten up any room by making use of hardwood floors that come in a natural colour. Then whether the room has darker coloured walls and furnishings will not matter. The room would appear to be spacious with more open space if natural-hued hardwood flooring is installed. You can choose from natural white oak, maple or other less grainy hardwoods for brightening up your interior space.

Create a distinctive look with exotic hardwood

Exotic hardwoods come in a broad range of colours, grains, and textures. Such type of hardwood flooring includes Brazilian Cherry, Ipe, Wenge, Mahogany, and Tigerwood. The flooring made in any of these exotic hardwoods has the capability of giving a distinctive and timeless appeal to any sort of interior décor. All these exotic hardwood flooring types gives you new ways of creating a room’s mood personality.

Give any room a hand-crafted appearance

Whether it’s your bedroom or living room, dining room or library, a hand scraped hardwood floor or wire brushed wood can give a unique look to each of these spaces. This type of wood flooring provides an exceptional handcrafted appearance to the room and is therefore recommended by many professionals at companies of interior decoration Dubai. Such flooring types look quite like reclaimed wood types having character markings. But these floorings are available in different finishes and durability. To add to the advantages, a hand scraped hardwood floors can be easily cleaned.

Add a border to accentuate the room

You can provide a distinctive flair to your living room or any other room by inserting a wood border to your hardwood flooring. You can use a border in a complementing hue to the wooden floor and accentuate the décor of the room. A border will render a sophisticated look to the plain hardwood floor.

Follow the above-mentioned ideas given by experts at interior firms that provide the services of wooden flooring Dubai and make your home look elegant and stylish.