Decorating with Fine Antiques and Newer Design Trends

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Like expensive fine wines, finding timeless antiques and combining them with newer design trends creates captivating interior design looks that will never go out of style. The secret to finding and choosing upscale vintage treasures is to blend the decor themes in the right proportions. Let’s say you have an antique Louis XV desk with wonderful carving details prevalent for that French European era. Instead of cramming this marvelous treasure into an already crowed living room, why not use it in your entryway where guests can admire your taste in furniture. Likewise, a large dining room space would look bare if the central focal point is too small. 

Older light fixtures are currently hot design picks. These come in an abundance of classy designs, and using vintage lights is a simple and effective way to marry two design trends into a gorgeous statement of personal style that others are sure to notice. Consider installing antique wall sconces from the early 1900’s in a room where plush mid-century modern furnishings are present. Another current idea is to dangle a stunning chandelier of gold and crystal in your otherwise French country kitchen. Merge industrial-styled black wrought iron pendant lamps into your beautifully sleek and clean Scandinavian living area. 

This is such an exciting time in interior design circles. Instead of rigidly following set methods to get the right decor look, everyone can try their hand at blending different but complementary decorating types into a truly original decor theme that radiates each designer’s very personal style preferences. There are some easy tricks that leading interior design artists are using. Again, the art of balancing the various choices in decor items is a must to get the proper effect without overdoing it. Some in love with the 1970’s hippie decor like burnt orange walls, groovy chairs and macramé details can make the look relevant by strategically placing these accent focal points. 

While shopping for antiques from Europe can be an expensive hobby, there are ways to get authentic antiques without emptying out your entire bank account. An astonishing number of fantastic antique furniture and other decor pieces are found at yard sales, flea markets, estate sales and auctions. Before paying too much for an older item, do the research beforehand to ensure that you are not being duped. Many individuals prowl the Internet buying sites to get incredible bargains on original pieces. 

A fresh take on displaying favorite art pieces can be seen with some of today’s best interior design artist’s ways of showcasing their preferred art finds. Once again, the secret to a perfect blend is in the proportions within the space. If desiring to display a cherished work of art properly, consider using light to bring out the beauty of each treasure. Layering several types of lighting selections is another great way to add a bit of mystique and warm the room with a welcoming ambiance that encourages people to relax and stay awhile. With some practice, anyone can master antique decorating.