Decorate your interiors with blinds and curtains

Covering up your windows are a must in order to control the amount of sunlight that enters your room and more precisely to avoid outsiders disturbing your privacy. Even though windows are the ultimate escape point from the daily hard work and to praise the view outside, it needs to be covered for protection. Covering of the windows certainly does not mean to block the view outside and reside in the dark of your room. Curtains and blinds offer you both the sunlight and the view just according to your need. Blinds and curtains should always be on the priority list while decorating your new house or office.


Window blinds are the type of window coverings that attaches to your window and covers it yet offers you the flexibility to adjust it in order to allow the right amount of sunlight and view accordingly. Blinds are much more efficient and easy to put on than other window coverings such as curtains or drapes. This efficiency lies in the fact that blinds do not fully cover your windows and make your room fully dark and night like or fully open up your windows and allow outsiders to peep in.

Blinds come in various designs as well as materials which you can choose according to your need and style. They can be transparent or opaque with partial openings but what makes it worth is the mechanism of opening and closing accordingly whenever in need. Few types of blinds are listed below:

  • Vertical blinds: these are highly opted since they cover a wide area and are best suited for wider windows.
  • Roller blinds: these blinds provides you with easy opening and closing since all you have to do is just roll up and down accordingly.
  • Venetian blinds: these are strictly opaque blinds with a single stretch of fabric offering you the essence of a curtain.
  • Roman blinds: these are small series of plates made of wood or aluminum that are placed horizontally offering a small gap in between for the entry of light and air.


Curtains are hanged from the inside which eventually covers the whole window thus keeping out sunlight and the view unless you remove it all exposing the full window. Apart from keeping out lights curtains are mainly installed in order to add layers and designs to the interiors of the room. Acting both as a window cover as well as interior d├ęcor, curtains are always on the priority list. You can choose from single stretch of fabric designs or custom made it with different layers and designs according to the look of your room.

Blinds and Curtains should be chosen wisely as per your ceiling height and the color of your room. That is, long curtains that touch the floor look fabulous for high ceiling rooms and always opt for light colored fabrics for small and cozy rooms. Light fabrics allow more light to enter even when the window is fully covered thus filtering the sunlight.