Cut out the Stress of Moving out Cleaning with these Tips

It can be really stressful to move out of our apartments. Apart from the gazillions of things we have to do, we’ also have to worry how we’ll be able to get those blasted boxes down to the first floor. Just imagine the horror if you live in the 21st or the 68th floor! Of course, there’s the elevator, but the sheer effort of going back and forth and back and forth is enough to make most of us throw up. What’s worse, there’s also the worry of not getting our security deposit if we didn’t clean “enough”. But enough moping. Let’s try tackle this seemingly insurmountable move-out cleaning with these tips.

Hire Professionals

The easiest way we can save ourselves from the sure stress fest that comes with moving out is by hiring a maid service Baton Rouge LA. It may seem obvious for some, but for others who hate spending on things they can do themselves, hiring a professional for a move-out cleaning Baton Rouge is not an option. But remember this. As renters, our time is limited. Unless we can call our entire squad to help us pack and clean every nook and cranny of the apartment, we’re better off hiring a professional. It’s actually more efficient and cost-effective. We can leave all the cleaning to the pros while we neatly load up our boxes. That way, we can are assured we’re leaving our apartment as clean as can be.

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Pack First and Do Chunking

If you’re adamant about doing things without the help of a professional, the first thing you should do is to pack first. Never attempt to clean while everything’s still in place, you’ll just waste your time. After packing, gather the boxes in a single area or place them in a warehouse. Then, divide your work into chunks. Prepare a timetable and designate a room you’ll clean during a specific time. Trying to tackle the whole clean-up process as a whole will simply bring you stress. Chunking is a good way of fooling your brain into thinking that the process is easier than it looks. You can start with the kitchen since it’ll be the first place inspectors will check. Then you can scrub your counters, cabinets, windows, and door frames. Paint your walls if you need to. The, clean the bathroom’s last since you’ll be using it during the entire cleanup. Just remember, when cleaning, start from the start from top to bottom to prevent cobwebs or dust from falling on pristine floors.

Double Check and Take Photos

Before leaving for your new home, double-check everything. Are the walls clean? Did you forget anything? Make a checklist to ensure that every single part of the apartment is scrubbed clean. After that, take a photo of your spotless apartment. This way, you’ll have a proof against devious landlords or any lawsuit. On that same vein, you should also take a final meter reading before moving out. Inform your utility company. There are plenty of instances where people had to pay for utility bills they didn’t use just because they failed to do that. It may sound comical, but trust me. Don’t forget this step if you want to avoid further stress down the road.