Curtains – the Best Solution against Curious Neighbors

Each of the elements that are part of the decoration of our home must harmonize with each other. For example, if you choose modern furniture, you can’t use Victorian curtains. They simply don’t match. Also, you can’t combine opaque colors with bright colors. Looking at something like that wouldn’t be pleasing to the eye.

Decoration of our home should always follow the same line, the same inspiration. If you like classic ornaments, everything should follow the same style. The same goes for any design trend you choose. Many people who ask me for advice to improve the decoration of their houses ask me: What did I do wrong? Why the decor of my home doesn’t look good? Before giving advice, I personally visit their homes and I take my time to analyze what elements are out of place. Most of the time, the first mistake that catches my attention is the wrong choice of curtains.

Theoretically, for many people, there’s not much difference between curtains and bed sheets. They think that it’s simply a piece of cloth that covers the windows to regulate the entrance of light into the home. However, curtains are much more than that. They can be the difference between a poor decoration and a masterpiece of interior design.

Curtains provide warmth, security and privacy. If your house has panoramic windows everywhere and you’re surrounded by curious neighbors who constantly observe through the glass, it’s obvious that you need curtains. If you don’t want to give them a reason to criticize the way you decorate your home, you must install some that are at least pleasing to the eye.

But what are the best curtains? That’s a difficult question to answer, considering that there are many different kinds. However, there are things we can take into account to make a good choice, which are explained below.


Curtains should never be an obstacle to opening or closing windows. If your curtains are too heavy and difficult to manipulate, itisn’t convenient to have them. In these cases, I would recommend pinch pleat drapes, which can be folded quickly and without much effort.In addition, they are very elegant and go very well with almost any style. Pinch pleat drapes also allow in an ingenious way to regulate the entrance of natural light to the home. The more pleats a curtain has in a given space, the more fabric it will have to block access to light. Very recommended for people who usually take a nap in their bedrooms during the afternoon, but cannot fall asleep in the presence of light.


We all wish to have luxurious silk grommet curtains in our home. Unfortunately, our budget doesn’t allow that. Buying curtains can be a big money investment if we choose the first thing we like. A good way to avoid exaggerated expenses would be visiting several curtain shops and thinking of different options. Online shopping websites can help you with that. Surely, you’ll find somepolyestergrommet curtains that look better than silk ones.

If you take into account these tips when buying curtains, surely everything will be easier.