Crime Scene Cleaning Services Albuquerque New Mexico: Improper Crime Scene Cleanup Poses Potential Threat to Human Health

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Violent crimes can occur anywhere, any time. It can happen in residential places and areas where the public commonly travels. For the many people who had lost a loved one in a tragic event, life can never be the same. These people will suffer great trauma. One way to hasten the healing process is to restore the area where the death occurred back to the way it looked before the tragic incident with the help of crime scene cleaning service Albuquerque New Mexico. Ensuring that proper crime scene cleanup procedures are followed is very important. This will protect the residents and the general public from the hidden dangers of bloodborne pathogens.

Today, you hear of mass shootings that resulted in injuries and death. Not only that, suicides are becoming the order of the day. What is left behind at the scene of a tragedy is often less prevalent in the minds of the people, for obvious reasons. However, failing to decontaminate the affected area immediately will result in great health risk to people who encounter the scene of the crime, despite the fact that the time of the tragic incident has long passed. A violent crime such as mass shooting that involves bloodshed further increases the risk of contamination by the general public. Blood spills and body fluids contain various kinds of bloodborne pathogens that are harmful to human health. Many people are living with life-threatening disease due to exposure to dangerous bloodborne pathogens such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV, MRSA etc.

When a violent crime that resulted in bloodshed or even death occurs outdoor, many people believe that it is easier to forget about the terrible incident and move one. However, cleaning an area after a violent crime using only water and other mild cleaning agents will do nothing in eliminating the harmful substances and bloodborne pathogens. Even pouring bleach on biohazards do little in sanitizing and decontaminating the affected area. That is why it is important to get help from professional crime scene cleaning services Albuquerque New Mexico. These experts possess the right cleaning agents and equipment for cleaning the blood and other harmful substances safely. They have what it takes to restore the area to its pre-condition state that is safe and harmless for public use. Expert crime scene cleaning services get rid of harmful bacteria and diseases.

One thing you should know is that many bloodborne pathogens can live for longer period of time.

  • HIV: 4 weeks
  • Hepatitis B: 7 days
  • Hepatitis C: 4 days
  • MRSA: Several Months

There are several effective methods for sanitizing and disinfecting areas exposed to harmful substances such as bodily fluids and blood. Expert crime scene cleaning services Albuquerque uses the following method

  • They use broad-spectrum disinfectant to get rid of harmful pathogens and infectious diseases such as VRE, HCV, HBV, HIV, MERSA, etc
  • They clean the blood thoroughly before applying disinfectant
  • They leave the affected area wet with the disinfectant for an extended period to kill potential infectious diseases.