Creston Installation Proves Exceptionally Beneficial for Primrose Hill Townhouse

Services Provided by Creston Installation to Primrose Hill Townhouse

Crestron Installation London has done a great job and brought happiness and laughter to the inmates of Primrose Hill Townhouse. It has provided substantial entertainment option to the owner in the form of multi-room audio video system, eight audio zones, four video zones, two surround sound zones, origin acoustics speakers affixed to the ceilings, digital music server, projector based home cinema in the living room, integration of Lutron lighting and last but not the least – BPT Intercom system.

Creston Installation London ensured that the property’s every video zone can avail a view of Virgin Media Tivo and Apple TV which are centralized. Audio zones of the house can access Autonomic MMS Digital Media Server which has the provision of internet radio, iTunes collection of the client and Spotify. The fact that local radios of UK, US and Australia can be streamed has made the international clients extremely happy. The programming and designs are such that they can join multiple rooms at a time.

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Creston Installation London has made it possible to access stunning soundtrack through in-ceiling speakers and visual pleasure in the form of 55” Samsung TV. The drivers of the Origin Acoustic speakers provide uncompromising sound quality justifying the uselessness of subwoofers. The inmates need not miss anything while moving around the house as they are interconnected. A TV in the kitchen fixed to the wall provides access to the same display as that of the source. Installation of Pakedge Wireless LAN controller and Wi-Fi access points assure that the client gets outstanding Wi-Fi services. The controller enables optimization of network for best possible result. This makes the entire system not only fast but also reliable. The wireless and wired networks were designed such that the most out of the client’s internet service can be made. A color LCD intercom panel has been installed on each floor which allows communication in both ways with the video entry system at the front door.