Creating the perfect childrens’ room

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When it comes to decorating your child’s bedroom, the possibilities really are endless.

After all, a child’s room is probably the best place for you to try a bolder look that you might be too scared to do elsewhere in the house. If you can’t let your imagination run wild in a child’s bedroom, where else can you? It’s definitely a space where you can have a little fun, introduce some life and colour into the room and have a theme to inspire a sense of adventure in your little one.

As the majority of us probably don’t live in a house big enough to be able to dedicate one single room to a child’s play area, the bedrooms need to have two distinct functions.

During the day it needs to be a place for playtime, but at night it must transform itself into a place of peace, ready for a quiet night’s sleep.

Creating a bedroom with two functions is not easy, but we’ve come up with the following tips to help you create the perfect childrens’ bedrooms.

Storage is the key

It will come as no surprise that children accumulate a lot of stuff, so you need to find somewhere to put everything. For a good night’s sleep, toys need to be kept out of sight, out of mind – a big cupboard to put them all in is a must, but we advise you get one bigger than you might think you need. Think of all the Christmas and birthday presents they’ll get over the years!

There are many different storage items available these days, such as baskets, plastic trays, canvas drawers, or a shelving unit with removable boxes. All of these are easily hidden away for a clutter-free bedroom but are also child-friendly for when they want a fun-filled day of playing.

A place to rest their head

If the room is small, a high bed with storage space underneath is a great idea. If you’re looking for some with built-in cupboards and draws, Divan Beds Centre is the place for you. They offer an easy way of creating extra storage. Bunk beds are also a great idea for a child’s bedroom as these allow space for a friend to sleep over.

We advise you always measure the space you have before buying any type of furniture because they often take up more space than you think – and you’ll want to preserve as much floor space as possible for play.

Decorations and colour schemes

Think about how much natural light you have in the room before you decide on a colour for the walls. Ideally, you want to keep things as light as possible.

Children grow up fast and it’s important to bear this in mind when choosing your colour scheme and theme of a room. There are some cute themes for babies and toddlers but are you going to want to redecorate every few years as your kids grow? Probably not.

Consider a colour scheme that will last the test of time and that your child won’t grow out of too quickly. You’ll be able to create some lovely decor with a combination of colours and fabric. Keep the paint scheme simple, and you can add accessories and pictures for detail; these are easier to change and update over the years.

Dark and light

Roller blinds and curtains are a must for any child’s bedroom as they enable you to keep the brightness flooding in during the day, but can also help to block out any light – be it artificial or natural. Blackouts aid a good night’s sleep.

Don’t think blackout fabrics have to be plain and boring – you can opt for bold colours or ones that feature your child’s favourite cartoon character.

For those of you who have children scared of the dark or imaginary monsters under the bed – a common worry – a night light is essential. This can be one you plug into the wall, fairy lights, or a lava lamp.

Finishing touches

These bring the whole room together, adding a warm feeling, texture, and a little bit more colour.

A rug will also instantly add a splash of colour and help to define the space. Cushions can be piled on to the bed to make it look cosy and appealing, and can also be used on the floor as an impromptu seating area. Finally, add some artwork or posters of your child’s choice to give it that personal touch.