Contemporary Home Decoration Ideas to Transform Your Home

 Everybody likes to keep their home super trendy and stylish and thus comes the whole concept of contemporary décor, which is home decorating according to the currently prevalent modern styles. However, no matter how contemporary or new the décor is, it should always have a piece of you, as that gives your home a character of its own.

Contemporary home decoration ideas are all about playing around with colors, shapes, structures and scales to find out which complements your home the best. Contemporary homes are usually minimalistic and elegant, but to make them chic it doesn’t mean that you should stray from your tastes.

Every contemporary home can always have a bit of pop color or quirky accessories to make the rooms lively and interesting, instead of monotonous. Given below are some decoration ideas that will help you create a contemporary look for your home that is both fun and elegant.

Choose Simple and Minimalistic Designs

Contemporary or modern decoration does not support a cluttered or overcrowded look; it essentially keeps things simple. However, simplicity should not be translated as boring or uninteresting. Do not keep wide spaces empty, but instead cover the area with a simple, single sofa or maybe a table with geometrical patterns that will look like a statement piece and uplift the entire decoration.

Try to keep things that take up minimum space or even if they do take up space, then don’t let those pieces of furniture over crowd the room. Use space wisely. When you choose pieces to keep in the room, make sure their size complements each other as well as space in the room.

Colors for a Contemporary Décor

Homes styled with a contemporary décor are usually seen to sport colors like white, beige, black, nude shades or neutrals like muted hues. However a bit of brighter color can definitely be added to the contemporary palette. Black is a classic color and since it absorbs too much light, it is advisable that you use black in minimal amount, just to accentuate certain areas.

Walls should preferably be in a neutral shade or some pale color which will allow your bright accessories to look even bolder and will not allow them to simply blend in to the background. However, if you want a bright color on the walls, you can use neutral shades for windows, doors and even some upholstery so that there is some relief in the décor, and the room retains its elegance.

For dens or playrooms, always go for brighter colors like blue, yellow or even pink, which will not only give a smooth finish but also make the room look carefree and fun. For the bedroom, you can tone down the shades and apply a pale blue, mint or any other cool tone with slight accentuates of classic colors but they need not be very pronounced as in the living room.

Look for Electrical Equipment with Modern Designs

Electrical gadgets are an essential part of home décor and since contemporary styles demand a proper sense and adherence to line and space in the room and all that it features, it is essential to choose equipment that do not look heavy or cramp the style of the décor.

Television, home theatre sets or even lights and fans should have sleek, modern design that does not look out of place. Kitchen appliances too should not overcrowd the space, but they should be so fitted that you have enough room to move about freely. These appliances should always complement every other aspect of the room.

There are different styles of lights that are available. Find out which areas of your home need to be brightly lit or where you can do with minimum lighting.

Make sure the fans go well with your interiors. You can choose from several different types of Modern Ceiling Fans for Contemporary Interiors. There are fans like the Mustang II Dual Motor Oscillating Ceiling Fan with a satin finish, the Fanimation 60 inch Drone Ceiling Fan that has a modern finish with glossy white paint, and the 52 inch Craftmade Tempest Ceiling Fan that is brushed with nickel polish and has an LED light with a curved design. These fans are uniquely styled with different polished finishes to go with the rest of the room.

Have Furniture to Complement Your Style

Like the rest of the room, the furniture should also be simple but you can always experiment with different patterns and materials, like geometrical shapes, metal frames or bold pieces with upholstery made of natural fiber linens. However make sure that the furniture has smooth lines and is color coordinated. Usually the furniture too should have neutral or classic color but you can also complement that with brighter cushions or even minimalistic patterns and textures.

For most part, use a basic color and let one statement piece stand out among them with a brighter shade. However do not overdo with patterns like big motifs, tassels, ruffles or even very loud colors. These tend to crowd the space and interrupt the smooth designs of a contemporary home. Also, there is no need to use small pieces; you can use bigger ones with clean design.

Accessorize Your Home

In a contemporary styled home, space is a big thing. Often you will find that how you utilize this space will determine how modern your décor is. Contemporary home decoration might be about elegant, minimalistic features in your room, but their modern look can be accentuated with accessories that complement the rest of the room. For example, simple ideas like arranging all your books on shelves that are mounted against a wall painted in a classic or neutral tone, will automatically act as a bright pop of color on an otherwise bare wall. You can arrange the books in different patterns and if you have a large shelf or even multiple shelves, then simply arrange them in such a way that you can place maybe a vase or a pen stand or even colored bowls of different textures and materials in between. This way you can use a lot of everyday objects and convert them into contemporary accessories for your home.

We often hang framed paintings on our walls. When you are remodeling your interiors with a contemporary style, make sure you pick up some pieces of contemporary art. Contemporary art works with neutral and classic colors and often has a bold splash of some warm or Technicolor shade. In that case they will perfectly go with your room because you will find that more often than not, you are actually using a similar palette for the interior walls and furniture. These artworks have certain geometrical elements or sometimes architectural designs which will contrast the space of your room.