Common Plumbing Mistakes That Will Cost You

The one thing about plumbing is that we take it for granted. Homeowners never know what they have until their plumbing is broken, and then they have to rush around trying to find a fix before their house goes underwater.

Fortunately, plumbing doesn’t have to be hard for the average homeowner. Your plumbing can easily stay in tip-top shape if you keep away from the do-it-yourself projects and keep an eye out for these common plumbing mistakes homeowners make. If not, your wallet may want to have a few choice words with you.

Having too many appliances

Surprisingly, you can have too many appliances and plumbing fixtures in your home. Doing so can lead to low water pressure, which is only exacerbated if you already live in an area that has low pressure to start with.

Not matching pipes

Always, always match your pipes when you are replacing them. This means copper pipes need to be connected to other copper pipes, galvanized steel pipes need to be matched with other galvanized steel pipes, and so on. If you forget to do this, the two connected metals will corrode rapidly and cause a burst pipe or a leak.

A faucet that leaks occasionally

You may not be worried about a faucet that occasionally drips, but this could mean that a host of issues are going on below that you can’t see. There could be a variety of problems like a clog, improperly installed fixtures, or your entire plumbing system could have a problem. If you notice something like this, you should call your nearest plumber such as Intelligent Service as soon as possible to get a comprehensive look at what is happening and if they can find the problem.

Plumbing that works… sometimes

You may have fixtures in your house that work only sometimes, whether it is a jiggly handle or a room in your house that has slow-moving pipes. Know that these hiccups aren’t normal, and just because the plumbing works doesn’t mean you can ignore these small problems. In fact, these small issues may show that your plumbing could be on the brink of failure and can erupt at any time. Remember, your home’s plumbing system is incredibly delicate and anything small that happens can really throw your entire house out of whack, so the minute you find notice that something is going on, call a plumber.

Sending the wrong things down your sink

It can be an easy habit to simply throw everything and anything down your sink. However, your sink is made for liquids like water and other beverages, and can easily clog if you send other debris down it. Some things to never throw down your sink include:

  • Coffee grounds
  • Oil and grease
  • Cotton balls
  • Flushable wipes (these are actually not flushable! They don’t break down as easily as toilet paper)
  • Kitty litter
  • Eggshells
  • Paper towels
  • Hair
  • Car fluids, like gas or antifreeze
  • Fruits and vegetable peelings

It also pays to be careful about what you put down your garbage disposal. Don’t put leafy and stringy vegetables like celery and swiss chard, or onions, pasta, fruit pits, grease, vegetable and fruit peels, tea bags or coffee grounds in the disposal. Chuck them in the garbage!

Your home’s plumbing is incredibly fragile, and problems will occur if you can’t avoid these common mishaps. So if you are in doubt of what to do when it comes to your faucet, pipes, and fixtures, call a plumber right away.