Common Garage Door Problems and How To Fix Them

Many homeowners often neglect to take proper check of their garage doors, that’s why a whole lot find it hard to detect early signs of garage door problems and most times it becomes too late before they notice these problems.

Sometimes they open the door and it makes some weird sounds or something isn’t in place but fail to give attention to these warnings. The sounds become accustomed to them over time and out of the blue the door falls off or stops working. Below you will find quick fixes to common garage door problems.

#1: When you notice the door closing itself and suddenly stops to open fully

There might be issues with the sensor that makes the door opens automatically. Make sure you check for any blockage blocking the sensor. Other reason might include broken cables or cracked pulley. Try to check the track if its bent and see that nothing needs replacement.

#2: If the doors open and close itself

The problem might lie in the circuit board, be sure to check them out another issue might be the batteries in the remote, they might need replacements. If that doesn’t fix the problem change the frequency of the remote. If the problem still persists call an expert to come check it out.

#3: Your garage doors make squeaking sounds as it opens

Check the rollers, it could be worn out and might need to be replaced. However, these rollers might just need lubricants, when lubricated the sound goes away.

#4: If you notice your garage door opening slowly, which is usually vexing

There might be an issue with spring, check to see if it is broken or warped. If so, see that they are replaced immediately. Another fix could be that the garage door track needs lubricants.

#5: If the garage door won’t open at all or close

Inspect the batteries in the remote to see if it’s properly placed or need replacements. This is usually the common problem and replacing the batteries is one of the easiest fixes. Another problem might just be the remote itself, check the keypad to see if it’s been damaged one way or the other. Be sure you are using quality doors if not opt for Premium Garage Doors and save yourself the troubles of having to go through annoying garage door problems.