Combine Your Outside and Inside Entertainment Area with Zipscreen Blinds System

For those customers who want privacy and want to enjoy their outdoor areas all year around the Zipscreen Blinds System is the solution.  It is a low maintenance and durable product.

Alfresco areas

These are specially created for alfresco areas for entertaining as:

  • Verandas
  • Pergolas
  • Balconies

It gives privacy and protection from rain, sun, UV rays, wind as well as insects during the entire year.  Also, the Zipscreen is also idea for office and home windows, and it serves as a secure, sleek, and tough substitute for more traditional sunshades and roller shutters outdoors.


Durable and strong, these Zip screen blinds gives safety from the UV rays, sun, rain and winds that are gusty.  Additionally, they have fits that are custom-made, secure, drawn to offer an atmosphere that is 99% insect free where you can relax and rest in.  These zip screens are fit for a wide assortment of conditions and are the best solution for outdoor application that is commercial or residential.

With wide holding and the ability of producing up the seven meters of shade (width) a drop of five meter, this blind system uses hardware of stainless steel and aluminum tubing.  These Blinds of Zipscreen make certain that you attain the privacy level for your areas of entertaining that is still able to “breathe”.  Every Zipscreen have no ropes, straps, pullies or stitching.  These outdoor blinds tend to jam and stick less under the elements.

Definitive solution

These Zipscreen blinds for outdoor are the definitive blind solution for any outdoor area or window.  And Zipscreens just got bigger – find out more about Zipscreens Extreme.

Integrate indoor and outdoor

Zipscreen external blind shades allow anyone to seamlessly assimilate your indoor and outdoor entertaining area.