Cleaning The Air Conditioners Is Important Here

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Any climatic technique during its operation overtakes an innumerable quantity of air, which contains mechanical inclusions of various fractions, dust, bacteria and spores of fungi, as well as fluff and wool of domestic animals. So it would all remain in the air, if not installed in the air conditioner filter elements, which must periodically be replaced or cleaned.

The Right Cleaners

Depending on the design of the air conditioner, its power and purpose clean the filters at different times recommended by the manufacturer, and in some cases based on the “clinical” performance of the air conditioner.

Proper Rules

As a rule, the situation when it is necessary to clean the domestic split-system arises extremely rarely: everything is necessary, but how to clean it, independently or with the help of a master, or call a specialized team from the cleaning company for this case is the most worrisome question for the user.First of all, you need to answer the question: “Why do I need to clean the split system myself?” Of course, for these purposes, you can call a specialist and pay him a few hard-earned thousands, but why pay for what is not more difficult to perform than clean, for example, a vacuum cleaner. For the right air conditioner cleaning this is important.

  • Few people for this cause a specially trained person. In the air conditioner, which did not pass the prevention procedure for a long time, a lot of dust accumulated inside, which will inevitably lead to problems, namely: Significant deterioration of the microclimate in the room.
  • The dust that has settled on the air conditioner units will spread through the room, which can cause allergic attacks in the people in the room.

Difficulty in the work of this climate device

The thing is that the accumulated dust and dirt in the filter elements will prevent the free passage of air currents. There is significant reduction in air conditioner efficiency. This is the effect of dust buildup on the heat exchanger. Increase in the risk of failure of the split system due to increased air resistance and as a result, increased load on the fan motor.

First of all, this indicates the development of colonies of fungi and mold. And with each inclusion of the air conditioner, millions of spores scatter around the apartment and inevitably fall into the human respiratory system, leading to terrible diseases, such as asthma, allergies and various kinds of dermatitis. When an odor of mold appears, you must immediately clean the interior of the air conditioner, and its filter elements. If you tighten with cleaning, then the probability of subsequent repair of the air conditioner increases. In addition to the smell, there are several more signs of the need to clean the split system: Decrease the power of the device.

Increased energy consumption

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Cleaning or replacing the air conditioner filter; cleaning the internal parts of the internal module; preventive cleaning of the external unit. Before carrying out any work, the climate system must be completely disconnected from the mains.