Classic Kitchen Design Ideas

Ah, nothing beats the feel of a freshly designed kitchen.

While many of us would love to redo our kitchen, choosing the right style can be tricky, especially with the kitchen arguably being the heart of your home. Trends seem to come and go faster than the seasons and the fear that something you like now you’ll end up hating in a few months can be a dark cloud over your head while you shop.

The solution?

While no one can see into the future, we can look to the past. While that might initially sound counterproductive, it’s one of the best ways to see which kitchens designs have stood the test of time and therefore give us a pretty good idea about which ones will probably be sticking around for a few more years. Are you stuck for inspiration? Read on and have a look at some classic kitchen design ideas to bring some life back into your space.

The Rustic Kitchen

If there’s one kitchen design idea that never fails to impress, it’s a classic rustic kitchen.

Inspired by the warmth and simplicity of life in the country, these designs are famed for their softer colour palettes and use of wooden accents and kitchen accessories. Cashmere works well with materials like granite that you can use for your worktop. To offset the coolness, you can easily add wooden elements like sturdy oak kitchen cabinets or flooring to give your kitchen a warm charm.

If you’re going for a truly rural feel, then putting some stonework in your kitchen design is always a classic choice. From deep red or brown exposed brickwork on the walls to stone tiles on the floor, there are many ways to make the materials rock in your kitchen!

Industrial charms

Perhaps you’re looking for something the polar opposite of country charms? If that’s the case, why not try an industrial kitchen. As a kitchen design idea that’s been popular for decades for all kinds of kitchen layouts, it doesn’t look like it’s going to be diminishing in popularity any time soon.

This back-to-basics style is more minimalist and is characterised by rougher wood, darker colour schemes and metal finishes. Stainless steel is a popular choice for accents in industrial kitchens and can be used for taps, sinks, handles and more!

As a more minimal design, it’s crucial to be smart with storage space. If you have the room, open shelving units can bring an air of class to any area while also being useful for storing everything from pots to herbs. One way to take advantage of this is to have shelving and racks overhead instead of the traditional cabinets you might see.

A favourite element in industrial kitchens is breakfast bars and kitchen islands. Not only do these give you extra space to sit and socialise, but they can be handy for food prep as well. Not only do you know have extra counter space to prepare food, but plenty of islands can be customised with helpful features like a sink or extra storage space.

Shaker Kitchens

When it comes to discussing classic kitchen design ideas, after a few names Shaker kitchens will probably be brought up. A style that takes its name from the eighteenth-century religious group, these kinds of kitchens are very well known and loved for their versatile yet straightforward features. The primary goal of any Shaker kitchen is that every single aspect should serve a purpose. If you’re looking for a practical kitchen design, then this could be the choice for you.

These kitchens have elements of both previously mentioned designs, so if you’re a fan of both of those, this could be a happy compromise. A traditional Shaker design includes features like open shelving, wooden worktops and floors, as well as stronger elements like strong metallic sinks and taps.

Monochromatic Designs

If you’re not a fan of bright colours in your kitchen, fear not. Monochrome colour schemes have been a staple of kitchen designs for many years and can bring a real modern chic to your space. The great thing about black, whites and grey is that these colours can be paired with just about anything thanks to them being neutral shades. Use them on your walls, your worktops and your accessories for a sleek, modern design that isn’t painful on the eyes.

Just be careful not overdo it with the darker colours, especially if you have a smaller kitchen. While black can look great, it can also create an illusion of more shadow if overdone making rooms feel smaller. If you really love black, make sure your kitchen is lit well with bright lights and that you have at least a few lighter pieces on your walls and accessories, so your space doesn’t look like it was designed by the Addams Family.


If you’re looking for something simple, and we mean REALLY simple, then a with a minimalist kitchen style could be the kitchen design idea for you. Despite the title, minimalist kitchens can just as functional and practical as any other design if designed properly. The kitchen is an easy room to get cluttered and designs like this aim to put a stop to that. One of the simplest ways to do this is to invest in fewer, but more efficient kitchen tools I.e. One pair of only two or three good knives one pair of strong scissors and smaller appliances that either be tucked away or that can be built right into the wall or surface.

When it comes to kitchen design ideas, there are literally hundreds of them. While these classic decorating ideas can make a great choice in any space, it’s ultimately your decision and your preference. Make sure to do your homework and research a range of kitchen designs before you put down a single penny.