Choosing Between Independent Contractors or Flooring Companies for Installation

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When it comes to new flooring installation in Bradenton, home or business owners have three choices: DIY, hire a private contractor or allow the company they purchased the flooring from to perform the task. Do-it-yourself jobs can be challenging, time consuming and aren’t recommended for novices. We’ll address the pros and cons between flooring companies and independent contractor installations.

Installation Cost Considerations

It’s not unusual for flooring companies to offer their customers free installation on new flooring purchases or at least a discounted price on those services. An independent contractor is likely to charge anywhere from $4-$5.50 per square foot for the most basic installation jobs and even more for more complicated tile design work and hardwood flooring.

Ensure the Validity of New Flooring Warranties

Just one misstep during a flooring installation can void the entire warranty, which on certain types of floors can be decades. The benefit of having the flooring company you do business with perform the installation is that they are likely an authorized dealer of your flooring type. Furthermore, they will have trained professionals perform the installation according to manufacturer’s specifications to ensure the warranty will be valid for the homeowner.

The Research Factor

Buyers who don’t want to spend a lot of extra time doing their homework concerning local flooring contractors, researching their reviews, and getting quotes might be best choosing flooring companies to do the work. After all, they were trustworthy enough to purchase the product from, so why not go ahead and ease the installation process and reap the rewards of lower cost and meeting the warranty requirements?

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