Chiang Mai as the best city to settle down

Chiang Mai is an immensely famous city of Northern Thailand and has so many interesting spots for tourists to visit. This place is everything for everyone; a green place for nature lovers, a place filled with temples for people who love making merits, an adventurous place for adventurers, and so on. But one thing you should know is that, this province is also one of the best city to settle down in a condo in Chiang Mai as well, due to these advantages.

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Chiang Mai is inexpensive.

When you compare the costs of living in Chiang Mai to those in any other big and famous cities for settling down, you will see that Chiang Mai is also affordable and reasonable in terms of prices. No matter what your profession is, a pensioner, a business person, a freelancer, or anyone, Chiang Mai won’t drain your money in the pocket. The food here starts from 30 Baht, public transportation like the red little buses starts from 10 Baht per round, and even a condo room in Chiang Mai for sale starts from 1 million Baht only.

Healthier Environment

The environments inside a city are one important factor for those who prefer to live healthy lives, and Chiang Mai can offer this. Just imagine that you live in a condo Chiang Mai, wake up to cool and fresh weathers, exposing to no pollutions like fog or noises, and being able to visit so many green areas in the city center, this is the life with high quality and everyone should love it. Moreover, health is the most important issue for pensioners, so that there should be no hesitation to invest for retirement in this city, like buying a condo for sale in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

This place is not boring.

Unlike any other cities, Chiang Mai is the most famous province to travel because it has so many attractions in every kind, like the most famous Doi Suthep National Park, the Chiang Mai Night Safari Zoo, the Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden, the Si Lanna National Park, the Mae Kampong Famous Village, the Moncham Mountaintop Farming Community, and so many great attractions more. And there are also places for shoppers like Central Festival Chiang Mai and Tha Phae Gate Night Market. Therefore, living here is like living in a paradise filled with food places, chill-out café, bars, green areas, and interesting spots to enjoy.

It’s no wonder that Chiang Mai is a good place to settle down or to invest for retirement, especially with a house or condo room in Chiang Mai. This place has everything you need like every big city in this world does, and this place can be anything for your lifestyle; a natural place, a peaceful place, a fun place, and anything you want it to be.