Check Your Home Security!

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House burglaries are on the rise! We all need to secure our homes in order to protect our families and possessions.

Which groups in society are most likely to be victims?

There are a few areas that are worse than others, The Metropolitan Police along with Greater Manchester, West Yorkshire and West Midlands police forces consistently account for over 40% of domestic burglaries and around 35% of all burglaries recorded by the police. Some demographic groups have been consistently more likely to be victims, these are include:

  • Aged 16 to 24 households
  • Single parent households
  • Households in urban areas

Some other interesting facts from the Office for National Statistics

  • Purses, wallets, money and garden furniture
  • Around 70% of “other household thefts” take place during the week and 30% take place during the weekend
  • Approximately three-fifths of thefts from dwellings take place during the morning or afternoon (6am to 6pm) and two-fifths take place during the evening or night (6pm to 6am)

Here is a useful checklist to consider before you move into your new home.

Before moving in…

  • Contact your home insurance provider to ensure you will be covered from your first day in your new home.
  • Find out if there are any specific security requirements for your new property to ensure adequate insurance cover.
  • Pass details of the alarm codes/instructions to the estate agent, so the new occupiers are aware.
  • Keep your possessions in safe hands during the move and ensure someone is in attendance with the removal vehicle at all times.
  • Check the crime statistics in the area of your new home here.

After moving in…

  • If there is an Intruder Alarm fitted, try to continue using it.
  • If you would like to be extra cautious, you could change your locks in your new house, in case the previous occupiers still have some spare keys.
  • Hide any clues that could show any potential intruders that you have just moved in. Don’t leave cardboard boxes in your recycling bins and put up blinds/curtains in your windows as soon as you move in so that potential intruders aren’t able to look in.
  • Consider asking a professional security company to assess the system
  • Keeps your property looking occupied, so that potential thieves can’t see or notice that you have just moved in.

There are so many risky things in life; security is one we should never play around with. Another aspect to consider very closely is the van removal company you hire. They have your material possessions in their care and so many things could go wrong. Always make sure that the company you use is legitimate. Ask them if they have insurance. If they don’t, they clearly don’t take the safety of your goods seriously. Always use a reputable company and ask them to come round to the house to do a survey if possible, that way you can meet them before they turn up on the day. You have no idea if they are professional or if they will treat your possessions with the respect it deserves. Happy safe moving day!