A chandelier or commonly known as suspended lights is an ornamental fixture that is designed to be hung from ceilings. Chandeliers often use incandescent bulbs, but recent designs also use LEDs and fluorescent bulbs.

Chandeliers are mainly built of small crystal prisms that refract the light to illuminate the room. Old designs didn’t use prisms rather used only the light of the bulbs. Modern chandeliers use LEDs with combined contemporary and classic designs. Unlike pendant lights, chandeliers are different as they have a couple of lamps whereas pendant lights use only one or two bulbs and are less decorative.

The chandeliers were first invented in the medieval era where they evolved from candelabra. Originally instead of the use of lamps, candles were used until the invention of electric lights in the 18th century. In the English language, the word chandelier was known in 1736. The word was taken from the French word Chandelier which originated from candelabrum which is a Latin word. Unlike today in the past, the chandeliers were only used by the wealthy. In the 15th century, the chandeliers were designed based on crowns and rings which made it popular among the nobilities and kings. By the 18th century, they were really popular among the merchant class people.

In the late European Middle Ages, brass chandeliers were made which were mostly used in churches. The Netherlands became famous for its brass chandeliers in the late 18th century which consisted of a baluster stem and a burnished, large, reflecting sphere.

In the 18th century in France and England chandeliers were made from silver and gilded wood. The earliest English chandeliers were first made in the 1720s which were just plain designs with a ball in the base.

Many people think that chandeliers are too fancy light fixtures and think that they wouldn’t fit. But these chandeliers have many benefits such as they save space, they add more impact to the room, and the most important is that these chandeliers go with any style and design. They have numerous designs to go with every mood and every room that will transform and enhance the space around it.