Canvas Prints – 3 Cash Saving Tips for Styling Kids Bedrooms

Have they finally grown out of their nursery décor? Canvas prints can transform every room with a little effort. Maybe your son or daughter has just moved into their own room and wants to put their own stamp on things? The cost of decorating kids’ bedrooms can soon mount up, which is why a number of parents now offer bedroom redecoration as a birthday or Christmas present to older children. This can be a sensible approach as it forces children to think hard about the input that they give. After all,room decoration is to be their main or only, you’ll both want the results to last for years to come.

Whether you’ve finally caved and said you’ll refresh your pre-teen’s personal space or you’re planning a toddler bedroom to see them through to school age, what are the best ways to ensure you don’t blow the budget? Here are a few cash-saving tips for decorating and styling a child’s bedroom.

Moodboard it!

Giving little ones free rein on decorating plans can lead to some very creative outcomes, but it’s unlikely to be the most cost efficient approach. Grabbing anything that catches their eye in the homeware department is one potential risk or thhhey may request a colour – or décor theme – that simply doesn’t work in the space. However, allowing them some input should mean they’re happier with the outcome and hopefully make them content with the results for a good few years. And of course, less frequent decorating is likely to cost you less money!So where possible, it’s wise to think about the elements a child might be able to choose or provide direction on.

Creating a moodboard with your child is a great way to plan out a redecorating project. Firstly, it will help them to learn which whacky colour combinations really won’t work. Despite gender neutral shades becoming more popular in recent years, research suggests that most people in the UK still prefer to paint a baby girl’s room pink and a boy’s blue.We can sometimes be a bit stuck in our ways with shades and hues, so use the process to explore colour options. You might surprise yourself with loving a shade you’d previously ruled out!

A board should also help you to decide which are the key elements that need to be included and budgeted for. Is a certain wallpaper pattern a must for them? Will the whole room come together around a new novelty bed? If the main reason for redecorating is to provide a space for play, how will you also fit in areas for study and sleep? Iron out the must-haves first and you’ll know where to splurge and save.

Bargain spot it!

We all know there are often bargainsto be had in high street sales for things like furniture, bed linen and curtains. But what about buying outside of sale season? Many retailers now have dedicated outlet stores both online and at retail parks and these can be great hunting grounds for quality at a more affordable price.

If your son or daughter has their heart set on a more expensive item that isn’t going to be reduced any time soon, it could be time to get creative with discount and introductory offers. If you spot something in store that’s also available online – take some time to check if there are any discount codes available for online ordering. Signing up to a newsletter can often bag you a first-time customer discount, just make sure that any delivery costs applied override the initial discount.

Dress for easy updates

No matter how much they insist Chase will always be their favourite Paw Patrol character or that they’ll love that Peppa Pig wallpaper forever, it’s inevitable that your child’s fads and favourites will change. This can have very expensive repercussions if you’ve themed things like furniture and wall coverings around them. A much safer – and cheaper – approach is to decorate their room as a relatively-blank canvas to be dressed.

For walls and floor coverings, choose versatile colours that might work with a number of themes. You can then match in duvet covers, curtains or a rug featuring their favourite characters or interests. Better still, look out for secondhand matching accessories in charity shops or cheap buys in supermarkets.

Framed posters are also likely to be a less expensive and easier way to tap into a trend than full on wall coverings or commissioned murals.  Got a budding young photographer or artist in your midst? Displaying their work on the walls can really help to inspire confidence and creativity. You could use some familiar magical moments to brighten up the walls – personalised canvas prints can be hung easily and swapped out as they grow.

Don’t underestimate the power of lighting either. Some pretty LED fairy lights can make a room feel more grown up. Or how about using studded LED boards to create starry skies? Both are inexpensive options that can be updated easily at a later date.

If bedroom decorating is on the horizon for you, hopefully this post has given you some money-saving inspiration. Have you refreshed a kid’s bedroom on an impressive budget? We’d love to hear your tips!