Buying Guide for Plantation Shutters


Purchasing an interior plantation shutter is quite an overwhelming experience. You should know the style, the size, and the material you want. If you do not do in-depth research, you may have too many choices and will not be able to make any decision. To avoid all these headaches, you should follow a basic guide to buying a plantation shutter. It varies in size. There are available in small sizes, namely, 1-7/8 to 51/2 inches. Most homeowners opt for the mid-range between 21/2 to 31/2 inches. Experts usually recommend 31/2 inches as it looks good on a standard window.

The large plantation shutters look good in oversized windows, and the smallest ones are good for tiny windows. The bigger the shutters, the greater are the spacing that affects the light amount that enters into your room. They are available in an elliptical or a flat profile. Elliptical ones are better choices compared to the flat ones as the elliptical ones do not sag. Flat ones may sag that distort a fitting. Here, the main function of these shutters is allowing an adequate amount of light to enter into a room when it is opened and offer darkness and privacy when closed.


If you want to let in fresh air in a room yet maintain privacy, then these shutters are the perfect choice. You can adjust it for light control and maintain your privacy at the same time. You may let air flow, open the windows, and then adjust it for ventilation. You can do the same thing with a mini-blind, but open windows usually create a problem due to the flow of air.  A plantation shutter does not have this kind of problem. It is an ideal choice as it makes no noise. Shades, blinds, and other treatments bang, clank, and flutter due to the wind. Additionally, shutters can be adjusted easily.


Custom plantation shutters are built to last and are extremely durable. Additionally, most shutters are available with some kind of warranty. Here, you will not have to replace them after a few years, and thus, your primary investment pays off with time. If you find out the cost of these shutters on an annual basis, you shall find out they are less costly compared to the replacement cost of the window coverings including mini-blinds and drapes. Moreover, these shutters never go out of style and fashion.