Buying bathroom faucets? Check these 5 tips for help!

Selecting the right fittings for your bathroom makes a big difference to the interiors. With incredible number of designs, styles and finishes, finding faucets can be confusing at best. Below, we have listed down a few tips, so that you can find the best bathroom faucets.

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  1. Check the holes of the sink first. Compatibility is one of the key aspects when it comes to buying faucets. Check the hole openings on the sink to understand the faucet types that may fit the bill. Single hole faucets are more common for smaller sinks and bathrooms. Center-set faucets, on the other hand, have three holes and a single lever/two handles. Widespread mounts have two handles and a spout, with a difference of about 8 inches between the handles. You can find smaller ones where the handles are around 4 inches distant.
  2. Consider the finishes. For this, the interiors of the bathroom matter the most, and this is a matter of personal choice. The new ones have coat sealers, and therefore, the finish can last for decades with any signs of wear and tear.
  3. Water flow matters. In the US, maximum water flow rate has been fixed to 2.5 gallons/per minute, according to ‘Federal Energy Management Act of 1992’. Check for that and consider low-flow designs. If you would want to save water and yet reserve style, check for the Best LED String lights.
  4. Warranty is important. Some of the best brands offer lifetime warranty on faucets, which can be a reason to choose one over another with long-term requirements in mind. Make sure that the warranty is valid for the finish, leaks and drips.
  5. Design for sink type and use. If you have a deeper sink, you may need a faucet with lower arc. The idea is to find a product that comes with a number of adjustments, mainly for water volume and temperature. Some faucets also come with features like hot water limit safety stop.

Finally, consider the price and what you can afford. There are websites, where products have been compared and reviewed together, which can be handy for new buyers. You may also want to check the reviews of the brands from users and customers, so as to understand the pros and cons of the shortlisted options. Bathroom faucets are about durability and functionality