Breathing New Life into Your Home

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Renovating your home can be a very exciting project for you, your partner and your family. Are you are renovating because you want your house to look more homely, comfortable and beautiful, or simply to improve the value of your house by renovating it..?

The key to renovating or redecorating your house beautifully yet inexpensively is to create a goal for yourself, maybe think about creating a vision board of the look for each room.

Vision Board for the Design

Helps you plan your designs for each room. Get a bit of Pinterest in your life.

Budget for the Cost

Make sure you budget, budget, budget for each room – painting costs (remember 2 to 3 coats are usually needed), new units, flooring, light fixtures etc. Plan for everything that could possibly be needing replaced even door knobs.

Small Rooms Don’t Have to Look Small

Keep decorations to a minimal, have a look at for ideas on how to utilise small rooms with units and storage. Also remember painting rooms light colours, adding mirrors and great lighting really helps creating an illusion of more space.

Paint Effects Lighting

As above, choose wisely when choosing the colour of your walls – it really makes a room look bigger painting it light neutral colours.

Boost Natural Light

Make the most out of rooms with windows, natural light will boost the light in any room.

Manage Your Storage

In this day in age you’ll be amazed at the beautiful units you can get that look simple but once opened will amaze you with hidden compartments, extra draws or even space for accessories to socks, kitchen equipment to extra bedding. It’s great if you are limited with space.

Now that you have your designs for each room and your costs covered make sure you take into consideration these helpful tips on renovating your bathrooms, kitchens, outdoor space etc.

Living Room

Lots of light, minimal furniture, and feature pieces will make this room look very chic.


Minimal accessories and lots of storage for bits and bobs so that it doesn’t create a look of clutter.


Storage in the kitchen is like a glass of water in the desert. Choose cupboards that have tons of storage space, utilise wall space by having a hanging pot display, utensil display, jar display or all three. You make use of dead wall space and also create a centerpiece for your kitchen.

Think about having a family eating area where you can enjoy your food together or just hang out.


Make sure you create a space that makes you feel comfortable, especially in the bedroom. You should feel relaxed, zen and like all your problems float away when you step in here (similar to the bathroom). Keep it sweet, keep it simple. Built in wardrobe with additional storage for accessories, shoes etc. is perfect to make your room look clutter free.


It is all about lighting in the hallway, from the wall colour to the light fixtures. Make sure you choose subtle lighting instead of harsh lighting. If your hallway is dark add 2-3 light fixtures (depending on how long your hallway is), or give the walls a lick of paint to brighten the room.

Outdoor Space

Create a lighting a scheme that showcases not only stone paths and your lawns, but your planting schemes, pergolas and fencing. You can use uplighters, downlighters, spotlights and lanterns just as you would inside the house – it will create a mood and always look beautiful.

Make sure you also style your outdoor space with waterproofs – rugs, outdoor cushions, and garden ornaments.

And remember to stay focussed and create somewhere not only you’d love to call home but anyone else would too. Make sure to check out HC Supplies for some great ideas.