Blackout Shades – More fun uses than you might realize!

When you talk about blackout shades often the assumption is they have one purpose. To block out light and keep a room dark. This is true but there is actually more opportunity here than you may at first realize. There are all kinds of thickness of material, so here is a look at the uses for them.

  • To sleep better – Probably the most common reason people buy blackout curtains is for their bedrooms windows so that they sleep better. If the light bothers you outside because you have a lot of night light or because as soon as the sun starts to come up your room lightens too much and it wakes you up, these curtains made from a special material that blocks light, are perfect. Shift workers would really appreciate these curtains when it is hard to get to sleep in a bedroom that is too light.
  • As a photographer – All photographers when developing your own pictures need a dark room. When there is too much light getting into the room it can completely ruin the photographs you are trying to develop. Rather than fussing with thicker curtains or trying to come up with a DIY solution you could use blackout curtains in the room to keep it completely dark. Having a window is a good idea when you need some ventilation in the room so you should not consider filling it in. Rather just use more effective blackout shades on it. You could even hang long ones over the door to get into the room if a lot of light gets through around the cracks.
  • If you have a home theater – Having a home theater or cinema has become a popular thing nowadays. People invest in a big screen with awesome surround sound speakers. But sometimes the light from the windows can cause glare on the screen, and even with closed curtains, a room in a house is not as dark as a cinema. Blackout curtains are a great investment for your home cinema! Especially when those movies are happening when the bright summer sun is still out.
  • To keep a room warmer and cozier – Blackouts can also help keep a room warmer as they act to insulate the room, some kinds being better at this than others. You can put them up during winter months to stop cold drafts coming through as well as to add to the atmosphere of making a room feel more intimate.

There are several uses for blackout curtains some of them practical and obvious, and some a bit more fun! Have a look at what is out there, some do allow a little more light through if you want it. Take a look online at the different choices you can find online and visit some stores to see what you like the look of.