Beware the tell-tale signs of a blocked drain

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If you ever notice bad smells, gurgling sounds or slow drainage when you empty the sink, these are the classic tell-tale signs that somewhere not far from you, that you have a blocked drain. Usually, what starts as one of the above will slowly start to get worst. Toilet water levels may start to change or be slow to drain and problems may well get worse then your dishwasher completes its cycle or your washing machine has finished a wash.

Drains are most often blocked through build ups of waste that has built up over time. Fat, coffee grounds, bits of food waste and hair all have the compounding effect of building plugs at key parts of your drainage system, usually where the water level meets the air. That said, equally as common an occurrence are those found with older drainage systems, which during particularly dry weather periods when the ground has dried and moved or shrunken, the old drainpipes have at some stage cracked and, because of the relatively nutrient rich water that has been regularly flowing down them, tree roots have exploited the cracks in search of food. A blocked drain is usually the symptom of another greater problem. Often, they are caused by root intrusion through crack in an underground drainage pipe. Over time these become exploited by further root and nothing, let alone water, can pass through it. This problem can completely ‘plug’ even a large drain pipe, and no amount of drain cleaner is going to flush it out! If any of these are the case, then you will be best advised to choose a blocked drains Brisbane specialist.

Drainage and plumbing specialists are a specific type of expert in the plumbing industry and drainage maintenance and the rehabilitation of underground sewers or storm water drainage systems is the area that they excel in.

As well as being smelly and annoying, drain blockages can also pose a real health risk. Just think if the blockage is downstream from your toilet. The potential for raw sewerage backing up into your house is very real and not something you want to leave to chance. Selecting a drain clearing expert will ensure that the fault is located, and that the blockage is cleared professionally so that they don’t require fixing again when they repeat block in the immediate future.

If you have a problem like this, it’s best to tackle it as soon as possible. You ideally need to prevent irreversible damage. As already mentioned, drain cleaners offer little or no protection against a serious blockage, and in many cases some of the most well-known chemical products can actually cause your pipes to corrode. This in tur can create more problems, further leaks, greater damage and more expensive repairs. Even worse, the chemical build-up can and does pose a health hazard to your family, friends or co-workers.

One option to remedy a blockage is to dig up a damaged pipe and then replace it or, if the pipe is in a hard to get spot, for example beneath your house, have the pipe relined and patched.

All of that said, sometimes damaged pipes are caused by soil movement, often caused by tree root intrusion, but also generally dues to settling building or landscaping works. Whatever the cause, we will be able to diagnose the blockage problem and locate it without having to excavate.

Rarely now does a pathway, carport or back yard need to be dug up in order to repair a fault. High definition CCTV inspection cameras enable blocked drain specialists to pinpoint the exact location of a problem.

Qualified blockage experts generally now use great advancements in drain-clearing technology when enables the fast and convenient location, diagnosis and clearance of blockages, allowing pipes to keep doing what they do best.