Better Hangers for Perfect Hanging and More

Hook rails also handy for narrow corridors. Since several wall hooks are already attached to a strip, you have a lot of storage space available for easy and quick installation. While models with two hooks are suitable for hanging tea towels in the kitchen, variants with six or more hooks provide ample space for guests’ cloakroom.

Fold-out coat hooks: flexible use

If you value a decent wardrobe, fold-out coat stand hooks are the right choice. They can be folded to save space and are particularly well suited for narrow corridors or for practical hanging  from ceiling. Depending on the model, either individual hooks or the entire coat rack can be folded down. When you go for the Clothes rack then it is for sure that you will find the best options now.

 With parcel shelf: additional storage space

Wardrobe hooks with a hat rack provide extra storage space for storing hats and caps. Despite the shelf, the wardrobe remains compact and is quick and easy to install. Depending on the model, the rear shelf is equipped with a coat rack or individual coat hooks. There are also variants that offer you space for further accessories such as gloves and caps thanks to small baskets.

Hook-in coat rack: space-saving and mobile

If there is no space on the wall in the corridor or bathroom,They are handy if you want to hang jackets, bathrobes and towels.Also don’t forget to make a visit to rack&field-asin=B07H3X2HVD for the finest hooks.

Attractive and high quality materials

Since coat hooks are primarily intended to carry garments as well as bags or other accessories of daily use, they are used very often. The material used should therefore be robust and durable. Steel, aluminum and cast iron meet these criteria and offer themselves as suitable materials. For coat racks, the materials mentioned are often combined with wooden elements.

The matching wardrobe hooks for your home

Wardrobe hooks provide storage space and look pretty. Here you can find out which model fits into your style of living.

Romantic charm by embellishments

Delicate lilac and old rose tones and nostalgic furniture: A cast-iron coat rack with a parcel shelf, which looks playful due to its curved shapes and embellishments, fits in with the romantic interior design style. Attached in the bedroom, you have your dressing gown ready to hand and can slip in immediately.

Modern look thanks to minimalist design

Straightforward designs and simple pieces of furniture, where functionality and quality are in the foreground, characterize the modern furnishing style. With powder coated colorful hooks on a sturdy rope hanging from the ceiling of  the bathroom or hallway, you’ll put a beautiful furnishing accent and underline the cool elegance of the modern look.