Best Options in Australia for Moving Your Furniture

When you want to understand how much stuff humans can accumulate, wait until you have to move. The process of going through all of your stuff and having to get it all wrapped, boxed and transported can make you promise to yourself that you will start living like a meager monk. Even if you don’t quite go that far, you will definitely walk away thinking that it is a process that you hope you do not have to repeat soon.

If you live in Australia and are moving to or from the Melbourne area, finding the ideal moving strategy can be as great a task as the actual move. You need to find the best way to get your stuff from point A to point B safely and without breaking your bank. Here is a list of the two popular options and a recommendation.

Man With a Truck

The most popular option to move your house full of stuff is to hire professional movers. Man With a Truck is a affordable effective moving service that offers full service moving of any and all of your furniture as compared to Man with a Van. The company provides a range of services including:

  • Packing your belongings
  • Moving your things from one place to another
  • Safely storing your things in case you are not around
  • Organising your things at your new space (moving your furniture, hanging picture frames, assembling your bed, etc.)


The company prides itself on delivering the highest levels of service and making your move efficient and fast. They deliver in advance for clients, a complete cost and time estimate free of charge and guarantee that their services will be to your satisfaction.

The company offers round the clock customer service, giving you the ability to contact them any time regarding any aspect of your move. If you are looking for the best removalists Melbourne has to offer, Man with a Truck is it.

Friends and Family

Some people choose to hire friends and family when they are moving. The thought is that by bringing in your friends and family you can get all of your stuff moved for the price of a dinner and a few beers. Sometimes this can actually work out, but it can have risks and many downsides.  

One of the main challenges of using your friends and family as movers, is that they move at their own speed. This group is notoriously slow and sometimes short-tempered when you mention this to them. So a move that should take a few hours can often take three or four times that amount of time.

They also tend to only want to do the least amount of work for you. They rarely will box and unpack your stuff and sometimes they will not even want to bring it all into your house. So you end up with a lawn full of furniture and clothes.

Additionally, because they are not insured for any damages they cause, if something is broken during the move, you will have to simply take the loss. For these reasons, asking your friends and family to help you with a move often creates great strain on your existing relationship.

These two choices stand out as the top options for moving in Australia. Choice one gets you everything you need but will cost. Choice two will almost always be cheaper, but may end up with a greater cost in time, headaches or broken furniture.