We all have this knack when we know something just isn’t right in our homes.It often takes time before we realize what it is. It could be anything from a shade of color to an oddly looking aesthetics. However when the carpet or rug isn’t right we don’t think something is out of place, we know for certain everything is out of place. This is often attributed to the fact that, carpets bring out the aliveness in a room. The presence of a clean carpet helps galvanize all the elements in a room. Carpets come in different styles and types, catering to different cultural and ethnical tastes.

With such a polarized market, here are 5 places that provide guaranteed top notch carpets in Dubai.


Dubai interiors is one of the best providers of quality carpets in Dubai. They specialize in Sisal rugs, shaggy rugs, Persian rugs, cow hide rugs, patch work rugs, Kazak rugs, and hand turfed rugs.

What makes Dubai interior stand out is their eco-friendly approach to making its rug. They make use of natural materials which allows for better durability. Its rugs are meticulously hand crafted and customized specifically to every user’s requirement.


Highly regarded as a company that provides affordability, availability and quality assurance. They offer all kinds of carpets to suit every home, style and budget. From machine made contemporary and modern to traditional, Persian carpets, Persian rugs and custom-made carpets and rugs. Carpet Centre has it all.

Carpet center is one of the very few companies that offers free home trial for your carpet or rug before purchasing, thus providing 100% guarantee.


Carpet Dubai is known for providing excellent service, fast delivery & quality products. With its product made from natural and man-made fibers. Natural fibers of silk, cotton, wool, cow hide, leopard hide, zebra hide, tiger hide, banana silk, and leather. While it’s man-made fibers consist of mostly viscose & polyester.  Visit Carpet Dubai if you want the best.


Ebarza is an online only interior store which serves the rug market industry. They make the highest quality of carpets at affordable rates. They continuously source innovative and creative ways to curate new products for clients. Because they understand every client is different with peculiar styles, they make it a point of duty to knowcustomers in order to perfectly matchclients’ individual flair and panache.

All this is possible only because the get their raw materials from the best manufacturers in UAE who adhere to UAE’s quality control programs.


Rug Company invented the word “craftsmanship.” Its handmade rugs are curated from ancient techniques passed down from generations.They use nothing short of the finest natural materials available. All rugs are hand crafted in Nepal and exported to different parts of the world.

The crowning beauty of Rug Company is their high sensitivity to ethics. As a nonprofit making company it guarantees no violation of child labor. If you love the world, you will love Rug Company.