Benefits of Choosing a Quartz Countertop for Your Home

Want to get the best quality kitchen countertop surface? I suggest you go for quartz. Granite, as we know, was once top choice for many homeowners. However, is quite different these days as manufacturing processes have greatly advanced, engineered quartz counters are great options compared to granite making it not only a better choice but a fantastic one. These countertops are made up of crushed quartz rock, at least 95% are crushed. While the remaining comprises resins and dyes. That’s why these countertops are durable and can last a lifetime and come with other amazing benefits. Below are great benefits using quartz for your home:

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#1: Varieties of colors

The market has a lot of manufacturers of quartz, all of them has a wide variety of color preferences to choose from. Basically, you don’t have a problem trying to compeer colors with your current décor, regardless of the manufacturer you have chosen.

#2: Quartz is Exceptionally Durable

Being one of the strongest materials available in the market when it comes to countertops, although comparable with granite, you don’t have to worry about its durability, as far as we know diamond is the only thing stronger than granite.

#3: Quartz is Flexible

Another advantage of using quartz is its flexibility. It’s not confined to just kitchens, it can be used in other areas of your home also, such as the bathroom. Quartz can be used in showers, its great in damp settings.

#4: Quartz Edges Can be modified

You have the option of defining the kind of edges you want your quartz to have, especially when done by experts like Everest Granite. With the flexibility options, you can add more appeal to your countertops making it appealing to the eyes. Having your countertop suppliers fill you on the available custom edges.

#5: Quartz Requires A Very Low Maintenance

Quartz is quite easy to care for and low in maintenance. Very easy to clean, with a soft cloth and little application of liquid soap, your quartz is shining again and ready to be used.

#6: Quartz is Heat Proof

Quartz is heatproof, which makes it perfect for the kitchen, unlike other materials, that burns when hot kinds of stuff like pot are placed on top of it. Quartz will not blaze nor melt when a hot pot is placed on it. However, manufacturers advice using trivets. Theoretically, when a hot pot (very hot) pot or pan is placed on top of your quartz, the surface doesn’t burn either, it doesn’t harm the countertop in any way.