Bathroom Remodeling: What You Need to Know

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You might have a master bathroom or a simple powder room that you might want to remodel.  If this is the case, you might want to learn some new tricks on how you can gain more storage, improve your drainage and lightings, and ensure that your new bathroom will be long-lasting.

Here are some of the things that you need to look for when doing sprucing up your bathroom:

  1. Plumbing

You need to make sure that you use the correct size of pipes for easier drainage. Remember that the larger the drains, the less likely it will clog. If you are located in a region where the temperature freezes at wintertime, you have to make sure that the water supply is not routed to any exterior walls to prevent blockage.

  1. Lightning Fixtures

Improve the lightings in your bathroom by having recessed light fixtures on the ceilings. You might want to include two or more lights near the door and add dimmer ones to the shower area. You can also install lighting options near your mirror in order to make your whole bathroom more beautiful.

  1. Add Vanities

You might have a recessed area or an extra space where you can add vanities for convenience. Vanities or power cabinets can save a lot of space and they can be budget-friendly. If it is an option for you, you can make your cabinets protrude by about 6 to 7 inches from the walls for easier access.

  1. Install Windows in the Shower

This is a great feature which you can add in your shower room. You might opt for a frosted-glass panel so that you can have the privacy that you need while getting fresh air at the same time. You can also get windows with plastic handles in order to avoid rust in the long run. A tilt and turn window can provide you with the privacy that you need even if the window is open.

  1. Sills in the Shower

These are very much like the window sills but they are likely to slope in the shower area. You might want to choose quartz, granite or something solid in order for the sills to look elegant. You can buy great tiles that feel great at the feet.

  1. Choose Smaller Tiles

The reason for this is that larger tiles are more slippery than the smaller ones. The grout lines are nearer in smaller tiles and they offer more traction compared to the larger ones. When it comes to small shower tiles, your options can be limitless if you know where to go.

There are a lot of other things that you can consider when you do a bathroom remodeling. Your best option is to hire an interior decorator if you don’t know where to start. You also need to get high-quality tiles, tubs, and vanities that can stand the test of time. All of these are possible if you just go to the right website. Start your research and build your dream bathroom today.