Bathroom Remodeling Guidelines

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When it comes to remodeling a home, bathrooms and kitchens, are the most popular rooms to receive makeovers. If the home just has one bathroom, it will be used by not only everyone in the family but often by visitors too and if it is en-suit bathroom, people like to have one which is both comfortable and relaxing. Although homes can be very different looking from the outside, many will have bathrooms which all look alike and whilst they may be functional, they do not always afford the welcoming comfort most people would like to enjoy.

Although bathrooms are popular rooms to be renovated, all too many people renovate them in the traditional manner and so although they may look a little better and be a little more relaxing, they are not renovated to their best potential. Here are some ideas for bathroom renovations which whilst still being functional, are perhaps a little ‘outside the box’ but in being so, offer not only a unique look but also improved comfort and a better sense of relaxation.


Most residences will have 1 ½” pipes but these often are prone to blocking and so for efficiency and a hassle free future, consider having 2” pipes fitted instead.


A dimmer switch for the lighting in a bathroom is always nice as it can change the ‘mood’ of the room to better suit your mood. If the bathroom is going to be used for shaving or applying make-up, then obviously bright lighting will be needed for the mirror area but several lights can be placed in recesses in the ceiling so that they are functional without seeming intrusive.

Wall-Hung Toilets

These types of toilets are becoming very popular and with good reason as with this type of toilet the tank is hidden inside the wall as well as other benefits however, if you do decide on one of these, be aware that the whole draining system is different and so there will be no going back if you change your mind.

Window in the Shower

A window in the shower is nice especially if it can open however if you do put one in make sure it has a tilting sill to drain off water. If the windows can open, you should ensure that it has plastic handles as traditional ones will be prone to rust.

Shower Floors

As with the window, any sills should slope inwards to avoid build ups of water which can eventually cause damage. Large tiles on the floor of the shower may look good but they offer less traction than smaller tiles as there are fewer grouted areas.

Although a bath can be very relaxing, consider how often you would use it and then decide if it is worth the space and expense.


Renovations to your home can increase its value but when it comes to the bathroom you should renovate it to your specific preferences so as to get the benefit and besides, you have no idea what preferences a future buyer may have.