Are there advantages of using storage units?

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) warns renters against storing their property in storage units. They claim that virtually all storage unit facilities are irresponsible. Is there any truth to this, especially if you have no insurance to cover your damages? Read on to find out!

Despite the numerous jabs thrown at storage units, especially by the press, we cannot deny that storage units are important. According to recent statistics, 2 in 15 households in the US own a storage unit, in fact you have storage units in every area in the US, you even have storage units Hesperia. In estimate, of all the storage units and centers in the world, around 90% of them all belong to the US. So, in essence, it would not be wrong to say that the US population keeps way too much stuff in storage units. In fact, if the square footage of all storage units was to be distributed, every household would have around 25 square feet of storage unit space. This means that every citizen, adult or child, would receive about 8 square feet of the storage unit space.

So, what we are saying is that the storage unit facilities speak for themselves when it comes to gauging their importance.

Why do people need storage units?

Most people use storage units to hold property when they are in a transitioning stage. Maybe, you want to build a new house, you want to move to a new house, you want to disinfect or fumigate your house, you want to redesign or decorate your home, death or divorce settlements and many other reasons.  So, what goes wrong?

Most people who use storage units do not intend to use them for a long time but they find themselves extending their storage periods. According to recent statistics, about 30% of people who store their stuff temporary in storage units allow it to stay there for about 2 and a half years. This is because they are under the illusion that their property is 100% safe from burglary and damage from environmental factors like humidity.

On top of the risk of getting your goods damaged due to mismanagement of storage facilities, it could be extremely expensive. The average storage unit in the US charges around $100 a month for a 10’ *10’ storage unit and $200 for the larger units. If you were to keep your property there for two years, that would be around $2400 for the small units and about $4800 for the larger storage units. That’s quite a hefty price to charge for a facility where chances of getting your goods damaged are fifty-fifty. Right?!

Are there any advantages that come with storage unit facilities?

At some point in life, almost everyone requires a place to store their property. Storing your stuff in a storage unit is advantageous in the sense that you do not have to bother anyone with your property. All you have to do is pay for it and voila! You can store your stuff for even a period of 6 months or more until you settle down. However, it’s always advisable not to keep your goods for a very long time inside a storage facility.