Are Shades More Expensive Than Blinds?

When we were thinking of our home renovation, window treatment was the most important thing on our list. The reason being, they are easy to install, fit perfectly in budget and uplift the decor instantly. Well, we were confused between blinds or shades just like every other home owner. We were lucky that the experts at Gator Shutters explained us the pros, cons and what solution work for our space in detail. So, I thought to pen down the points that make shades and blinds different. This way you can make a wise decision.

Let us get started.

  • Design

Blinds are hard window treatments with slat like arrangement that allows for greater control wherein you can open and close certain portion or completely raise or lower the blinds to allow as much light in as you wish.

Shades on the contrary are soft window treatment and they do not come in slat like arrangements, so you can only open or close the shade completely and hence lesser control.

  • Durability

With blinds, there are certain blinds for e.g. vinyl or aluminium blinds that can bend or crack over a period of use but they can always be replaced but this is not the case with wood blinds. At Gator Shutter we make sure to use only high grade blinds that offer enhanced longevity.

Shades, since they are made from fabric material, they are naturally durable. However, with shades like cellular shades, if the fabric is low quality, they can get damaged easily.

  • Maintenance

This was a major concern for me and my partner as we are busy workaholics and would find little or no time for cleaning. Blinds are easier to clean than shades as they are made from materials like vinyl or wood whereas being fabric, the demand in-depth cleaning as the material absorb dirt and dust much easily than blinds. Professional cleaning works the best in case of shades.

Best Fit

When you are looking for light control and not privacy, blinds are an intelligent pick. Hallways, living rooms are where the blinds fit as you can adjust how much light enters the room. Shades on the other hands, get you more privacy and so are a perfect fit for the bedroom and kids room.