Aluminium Windows North Wales and Other Tips to Help You Sell Your House

Selling a house isn’t as easy as it once was, especially in this financial climate. Since 2008’s recession, belts have been tightened to an alarming degree, and although the “end of austerity” is apparently here from the end of 2018, it’s still very much a buyer’s market. As a result, homeowners have to get clever if they want to sell their homes quickly and for a good price. We’ve teamed up with Property North Wales in order to work out what exactly turns buyers on and off – So if you are struggling to sell your home, have a look at these top turn-offs and see if you are deterring buyers.

1. Noise
If you live near a train line, under a flight path or are just unfortunate to live by noisy neighbours, then this may become an issue when selling. Noise pollution is probably the most common complaint for buying agents but fortunately they are very simple to fix with double glazed (or even triple glazed!) aluminium windows North Wales. There are quite a few specialist companies in North Wales such as the fantastic AA Conservatories which can provide an excellent amount of choice, as well as local service.

  1. Dirty Rooms
    A huge turn off for buyers is a dirty room, especially in bathrooms and the kitchen where hygiene is a big issue. A potential buyer will try to visualise themselves in the house during a viewing, especially in rooms that they’re going to do a lot of living in, so a clean, appealing atmosphere is vital. Luckily, a dirty room is easily solved and all it requires is a little elbow grease; vacuum the floors and wipe down surfaces. Don’t neglect your windows either; if they’re dirty they will be keeping out light.
  2. Bad smells
    While a bad smell doesn’t seem noticeable at first, it can subconsciously plant an unpleasant sensation in a potential buyers mind. No matter how much they liked the neighbourhood or your bay windows, if there is a negative feeling that they just can’t put their finger on then they will just not be interested in your property. Do a bit of spring cleaning before a viewing; take out bins, light some incense or scented candles and put out some fresh flowers.
  3. Dodgy DIY
    Nothing is more off-putting for a house buyer than stepping around planks of wood, tins of paint and looking at a wall that is yet to be finished. If possible, before viewings, avoid major building projects like retiling the kitchen, renovating your loft, or adding a conservatory.  It’s also a good idea to get smaller projects done and out of the way, like painting walls or building a shelf. If there is a risk of potential buyers turning up to a building site of sorts, pre-warn both them and buying agents.
  4. Bad Design
    A bad design is not your fault, especially in older houses where the layout may be dated and impractical for modern living. However, while some buyers might like the quirkiness and charm of a ‘rustic’ layout, to make it more accessible to everyone, consider knocking down a wall and opening up a few rooms. However this can be costly and may affect the structural integrity of the house, so this solution should only really be used in extreme cases.