Air barriers, the best solution to save energy

Reducing energy consumption and implementing internal hydrothermal conditions is not only an economic necessity in commercial infrastructures and large buildings, but an essential requirement under current international legislation regarding energy saving architectural solutions. Such measures are especially necessary in places with a significant number of visitors where the repeated opening and closing of doors is necessary or should be kept open.For a room that needs to be darkened or protected from an intense sun, it is recommend using heavy fabrics or even technical fabrics.

Benefits of blind curtains

While the ฉากกั้นห้อง curtains provide protection against external air infiltration by approximately 65%, the atriums protect just as much as 23%. Beyond that, the construction of an atrium is more expensive, complex and greatly reduces the spaces that are vital for commercial success, for which in recent years you tend to adopt the habit of keeping the doors open, as invitation to free entry for potential buyers. Summer or winter, areas subjected to air conditioning demonstrate its obvious advantages. The results indicate that installations of air curtains have a direct effect on the building’s electricity consumption, while providing greater indoor thermal comfort.They consist of a fan, positioned at the top or side of the door, so as to create a jet of air directed downwards, so as to form a barrier that separates the internal atmosphere from the outside. This not only allows you to block drafts of hot or cold air, but also maintains a clean environment free of insects, dust, pollution, volatile particles and odors.

Conclusion: advantages and benefits of air curtains

When it comes to blind curtain dividers, it has many benefits than the others in market. The divider works like a window and allows people to see inside the store. Preserves comfort by avoiding the creation of drafts and also increases available space on the inputs. Work as room divider while increases the comfort of customers and staff in hygienic and healthy environment. Prevents the entry of pollution, dust, fumes and unpleasant odors and mostly energy saving. In cold rooms it reduces the formation of ice and dries the floor. There is so much in one pot to offer. It is recommended to every single buyer that there are fake products in the market that only provides false statements and perhaps they are not branded. Thus only buy genuine products from a genuine brand.