Add Texture with Exquisite Porcelain Paving

Are you looking to rejuvenate or replace a patio or paved area? Sometimes it can seem that there’s too much choice; which solution is perfect for you? Where can you find the best quality products?

We are swamped with polished finish paving choices for interior and exterior use from the leading names in paving solutions. From sandstone to marble, limestone to granite, each of the materials possesses natural patterning and colouring to compliment or contrast with existing landscaping and planting. Whatever design concept you have selected in your outdoor space, there is a perfect paving match.

Crave a little texture in your space?

Adding texture by using wood effect porcelain paving or riven finish tiles is an easy and spectacular way to add character, depth and elegance. An exceptional marriage of kerb appeal and functionality.

Arguably, Italian porcelain patio paving is the most enchanting and cost-effective paving solution, with performance levels that leave other paving materials in 2nd place. That’s why professional designers, landscapers and homeowners are turning to porcelain increasingly. It delivers something special.

Why is porcelain paving so popular?

Italian porcelain patio paving products, wood effect finishes included, are comprised of clay, sand and various minerals including quartz and feldspar and they are fired at up to 1400 degrees Celsius to ensure consistent quality and performance.

The porcelain is slip, stain, fade and watermark resistance and boasts versatility and durability. Tiles won’t disintegrate under pressure. The petrous Italian porcelain patio solutions are termed “petrous” because this is the word used to describe the hardest bone in the human body.

Stone and wood effect porcelain paving options are stronger and lighter than timber and stone. Wood effects include sandal wood, vanilla, cinnamon, maple, sycamore and jasmine.

Installation is simple; no sealing is required with most porcelain paving installations and zero to low maintenance is guaranteed. Wood effect porcelain paving needs an infrequent clean with water; never use an acid-based cleaning product, whilst its wooden counterpart would demand varnish and moisture resistance measures. Save yourself the work and maximise the enjoyment.

If you want to add continuity throughout your property, many of the exterior Italian porcelain patio paving choices are equally suited to interior installations. Create flow from a kitchen, garden room or conservatory to the outdoor dining space, patio, barbeque area or seating.


Vanilla wood effect porcelain paving

  • 810mm X 405mm slabs.
  • Crisp 20mm thickness.
  • Stunning finish.
  • Outstanding craftsmanship.
  • Longer lifespan than natural timber.

Nero porcelain paving

  • Sophisticated, classic.
  • Dark grey-black with naturally occurring brown and white specks.
  • 20mm thickness, 900mm x 600mm tiles.
  • No maintenance, no sealing.

Trust porcelain specialists

Please call in to leading Italian porcelain patio paving specialists Rivar Sand and Gravel to see their extensive range of products. They have premises in Tadley, Windlesham, Newbury and the recently opened outlet is at Hare Hatch. Take advantage of their convenient delivery service or many items can be taken away on the day.

It’s time to fall in love with Italian porcelain patio paving and wood effect finishes.