Add Some Winter Spice’ to Your Kitchen!

As we swiftly approach the festive season, it becomes more apparent that the New Year isn’t too far behind. Now is the time to start planning some home improvement projects for them to be completed for the start of 2019. Many of us set ourselves New Years goals, which are more commonly referred to as ‘resolutions’, which are set by many to try and accomplish before the year is up. However, instead of setting yourself some of those cliché goals that so many of us set for ourselves, why not focus those efforts on your home instead? You can add a little ‘winter spice’ to kitchens in Bangor based homes with our array of tips on how to spruce up the space you already have.

Once the festive period has been and gone, it is a guarantee that most of our bank accounts are sure to feel rather deflated. This may well mean that a home renovation is the last thing that you want; it is a costly and time consuming experience, but also unnecessary the majority of the time. However, if you are in a position to add something new to your kitchen area, then keep reading our handy guide to adding something new to your kitchen this winter and New Year!


If you’re fortunate to have a kitchen big enough to hold an island, here are a few tips to give it a little tender loving care: Add a splash of colour to bring it to life. You can even add accents of colour by purchasing brightly coloured bar stools or fruit bowls to place with the island.

Feature Walls

Going along the lines of adding accents of colour or patterns to help spruce up your space, another idea we can provide is to add a feature wall. This can be done in tiles, wood panelling, wallpaper or anything else you can think of. The idea behind a feature wall is for it to stand out and bring a bit of character to the room. You can have a photographic backsplash area that has an easy to clean finish, or you could add a striking marble effect to your kitchen too.


It is also good to mix things up in the kitchen. Not everything has to match; colour, materials and even chairs. Everything can seem a little pristine when it is all one colour, equally laid out and matching, which can often make it not feel like a home to some. Mix it up by having marble worktops or accessories, but wooden flooring or panelling elsewhere. The contrast works beautifully together, but adds personality too.

Get rid of clutter. No one likes a messy house, especially when you have guests coming round. Although a bit of clutter is standard and expected, do not overcrowd worktops or tables. These are your most functional areas in a kitchen that are also exposed at all times. Stick to the essential appliances and small decorative objects and leave the rest for elsewhere.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your New Year kitchen or home improvement project, why not visit your local kitchen designer’s showroom, featuring some truly beautiful and stunning kitchens in North Wales.